Digital trading as a grower

How does it work?

What's the reason for 100% Digital?

All transactions at the Royal FloraHolland marketplace will soon be fully digital. This marks FloraHolland’s next step in the digital transformation of the floriculture industry. Digitisation increases the efficiency and speed of both supply and demand. In addition, it helps the sector to fully comply with the tightened financial legislation in Europe.

100% Digital deadline postponed
The deadline for 100% Digital of 31 March 2021 has been postponed. After consultation with parties in the sector, we at Royal FloraHolland have concluded that the speed at which we want to realise 100% Digital is excessively ambitious. We have also discovered that certain functionalities needed to be able to trade completely digitally are missing in Floriday. The need to further digitise does however remain and Floriday as a platform is widely supported by the sector. In order to fully support trade between growers and buyers through Floriday, a push back of the deadline is inevitable. In the coming weeks, we will discuss the follow-up approach for the roll-out of 100% Digital with various parties in the market. Based on these discussions, we will inform growers, buyers, agents and software suppliers by the end of March at the latest what this means in concrete terms. For the time being, there will be no changes to the leniency scheme and you can continue to trade as you are now.

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For growers, this means...

  • All supply for direct trade will be placed on Floriday or via a link with the grower’s own software package.
  • The Connect-EAB will no longer be used for direct trade,
  • and it will no longer be possible for buyers to enter orders manually.

Webinar for growers

Did you know that we organize webinars for growers? We will tell you more about the Floriday platform and how you can make sure your business is 100% Digital. Please contact us for a webinar.

Steps to 100% Digital

We have explained in a step-by-step plan how to get to 100% Digital trading. At each step we show you how to do this. On this page you will find the step-by-step plan for growers.

What are the benefits?
More time for your business

To always receive your orders accurately and digitally would save you a lot of time. You won't have to enter orders for buyers anymore and orders will come in automatically.

Better overview

All orders coming in digitally will give you more control and orders will be more targeted. 

Less chance of errors

Digital processing of orders reduces the chance of errors. If the supply is correctly listed in the systems, less contact is needed regarding incorrect invoices. 

Working directly with Floriday?
Working directly in Floriday

No own software or would you prefer to handle all sales directly via Floriday? Then make sure you're ready to work via Floriday for all your direct sales. 

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Do you have your own software?
Linking your software package

Do you have your own software package with which you currently sell on the clock and conduct direct trade? Then it is important to link your software package to Floriday.

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No more direct VMP link

Soon the direct VMP link between growers and buyers can no longer be used to settle via Royal FloraHolland. 

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Linking your own webshop to Floriday

Do you have your own webshop? This webshop must be linked to Floriday.

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