Working digitally
as a grower

What are the options for working digitally? How does it work?

As a grower, do you want to work digitally?

Step-by-step plan towards working digitally for growers

We established a plan to explain, step by step, how you can start working digitally within the floriculture industry. Each step shows how this can be done in Floriday. You can find the step-by-step plan for growers on this page.

One of the most important benefits of working digitally is that the supply is correctly listed in the systems.

This improves the reciprocal exchange of information, increases its reliability and enables a more customer-oriented approach. Of course, working digitally offers you as a buyer even more benefits.

What are the benefits?
A better overview and one central place for managing your stock, supply and orders

All orders coming in digitally will give you more control and orders will be more targeted.

Smart solutions for smaller orders

All agreements, from sales to logistics in 1 system, irrespective of the size of the order and without needing to be concerned about the format of the order, as everything is “set up smartly” and in accordance with your wishes.

A reduced risk of errors and a fast and reliable exchange of information with your buyers

Digital processing of orders reduces the chance of errors. Supply being correctly listed in the systems reduces the need for contact where incorrect invoices are concerned.

Choice of various sales channels

Controlling auction, auction presales, direct day trade, contract trade and all trading activities in one platform.

Working directly with Floriday?
Working via the Floriday screens

Maybe you don't have your own software or you would prefer to handle all sales directly through Floriday. Discover the possibilities of direct sales in Floriday and make sure that you are ready for it!

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Do you have your own software?
Linking your software package

Do you have your own software package that you currently use for auction and direct trade sales? Then it is important to link your software package to Floriday.

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API technology link

The direct VMP link will soon be replaced by the API link. A future-proof technology.

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Linking your own webshop to Floriday

Do you have your own webshop? This webshop can be linked to Floriday to ensure that the supply listed is and remains correct.

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Make an appointment with an advisor

Make an appointment with an advisor or read the frequently asked questions!

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