Welcome to Floriday developer page which will guide you to getting started with connecting your grower application to the Floriday platform with an ERP API. This connection can be used to connect external software applications and to build an App within the Floriday platform. Both situations require access to the data of the end users on Floriday.

Getting started

  1. Read the API documentation at https://developer.floriday.io/docs
  2. Complete the application form
  3. We register the application and create a test account (for staging) and email the client credential ID, the client secret ID and the API-key for the test user (for staging).
  4. We use the developers' contact information for communication and support via Slack on the #erp-support and #floriday-erp-live channel.

ERP API docs

Via the link you will be directed to the Floriday developer portal with the most recent ERP API documentation:


Application form Floriday client

Via this application form you can apply for the registration of your application in Floriday.



Technical contactperson


Contact and support

For questions related to registering the application: support@floriday.io

For help and questions related to development support we refer to our Slack channel #erp-support.

For questions related to implementation: Roel Voerman: roel@floriday.io

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