About Floriday

Floriday is the leading digital global platform for the floriculture industry that helps growers to organize their commercial processes more efficiently. Growers can manage all their stock, orders and logistics in one place and assign these to the various sales channels, such as the auction clock, FloraMondo and FloraXchange.

Buyers (exporters, wholesalers, etc.) gain access to the broadest and deepest range of plants and flowers in the world via these sales channels. Service providers can also offer their services via Floriday, such as logistics services.

Floriday was developed for flower and plant growers, both domestic and international.

  • Supply, orders, sales stock and logistics can be managed in one central place with one login.

  • With just one login, growers are active on multiple sales channels and can benefit from new and broader sales opportunities.

  • Supply and demand are brought together through the use of smart functions.

  • Floriday offers solutions for increasingly small orders.

As a grower you can register at https://www.floriday.io/en/sign-up.

Fill out the form. You will receive a confirmation per e-mail. Follow the steps from the mail to complete your account.


Besides the transfer of the grower groups from FloraMondo and FloraXchange, the platform will be developed further and given additional functionalities. We will do this in a joint creation process with growers and customers through Ideation Sessions. These are sessions in which we hold discussions with growers and customers and consider suitable functions.

Floriday is being created by Royal FloraHolland and FloraXchange. In June 2017, Royal FloraHolland entered into a joint venture with FloraXchange. The aim of this joint venture is to create a platform that enjoys wide support.

There were various reasons to opt for a joint venture with FloraXchange:

  • Expertise.
    FloraXchange already has several years of extensive expertise relating to digitization in the sector and the development of a digital platform. Through this joint venture, we can combine the knowledge of both parties.
  • Market position.
    FloraXchange has a very strong market position as a digital platform for the direct trade in pot plants. This collaboration gives us a strong position in both flowers and pot plants.
  • Fast and flexible.
    FloraXchange operates in the manner of a digital start-up: fast and flexible. The joint venture will help us to quickly establish this new way of working, and here, too, the expertise of FloraXchange will be useful.
  • Control.
    Royal FloraHolland has acquired 50% plus one share. This gives Royal FloraHolland formal control. Royal FloraHolland CDO, Gerhard van der Bijl, has final responsibility as director.
  • Synergy.
    The joint venture with FloraXchange produces synergy on many levels.

The FloraMondo grower section has changed into Floriday. The FloraMondo buyer section and the FloraXchange grower and buyer sections will eventually also be transferred to Floriday. With the arrival of the purchase screens for buyers in Floriday and connections of buyers with Floriday also buyers will work through Floriday on short term.

Floriday is undergoing continuous development. Groups will be given access to the platform in phases. We will then use the feedback we receive from these growers to develop the platform further. See the roadmap to gain an insight into future functions.

Floriday offers a solution to fragmentation. Growers enter their supply once only and manage it on a single platform. This supply can then be assigned to different sales channels. The current sales systems such as FloraMondo and FloraXchange will become part of the Floriday platform.

Floriday is an open digital platform. It facilitates a digital infrastructure whereby growers and buyers can optimize their business dealings. The key to a successful platform is the network that is linked to this, as it offers partners the opportunity to join up. Floriday connects growers to buyers and is also accessible to other service providers. Floriday creates added value for all these network operators. The platform can be approached via a web browser: https://app.floriday.io.

Access to the Floriday platform is free of charge to anyone who is a member of or supplier to Royal FloraHolland.

Anyone who is a member or supplier member of Royal FloraHolland and who therefore has a grower number, can register for a Floriday account without additional costs.

Not a Royal FloraHolland member yet? Register here.

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