➢    ERP system

An ERP system for growers offers a solution aimed at supporting the core functions of the grower, ranging from financial administration to greenhouse planning and from purchasing to payroll. Most ERP systems also offer connections with buyers so that the processing of supply, orders and deliveries can be computerized. System suppliers in the floriculture industry include SDF Codema, Bonet and Nova Soft.


➢    EAB software

EAB software enables a grower to create an electronic delivery note and send it to an auction. Suppliers of this software include AntEater and Olsthoorn Automatisering.


➢    Floriday as a platform for the entire sector

Floriday is a platform for the entire sector. Growers, exporters, customers, logistics service providers and financial service providers can use the platform. An ERP system supports just one company. The Floriday platform is therefore very different from an ERP system.

With Floriday you can add commercial functions to your ERP system. At the same time, you have access to a large global marketplace and you have the certainty that you can always trade, even if your ERP system is unavailable.

Buyers want a direct link so that they can work as efficiently as possible. This is possible via a sales system that is connected to Floriday. This is already possible via FloraMondo and FloraXchange.

It not only offers the buyer a highly efficient process; it also has a number of additional advantages:


➢    Updated and reliable supply information

➢    Easy access to the complete supply in Floriday

➢    Logistics savings on small orders

➢    Reliable grower and product information

➢    Safe and reliable payment and transaction system


Yes. Floriday offers commercial functions and connects with sales systems. An ERP system contains many functions that Floriday does not have and will not have in the future. Floriday cannot, therefore, replace your ERP system.

Floriday has no plans to add further functions that are already available in ERP systems. The focus lies primarily on delivering a platform for the entire sector and offering valuable commercial functions to you as a grower.

See the roadmap to gain an insight into future functions.

Yes. The auction clock will be linked to Floriday as a sales channel. This means that you can also assign supply to the auction clock via Floriday.

A grower connecting through the API link for the first time using his/her own software, will not be able to comprehensively synchronise clock-supply history with Floriday and starts ‘with a clean slate’. From that moment on, a clock history is logged in the Floriday account and synchronisation can be performed again at any time with data logged until that date.

Yes, that will be necessary. The clock supply and history are correctly logged in Floriday from the moment a grower connects his/her own software to Floriday through the API link for the first time. Previous history will not be available in Floriday.

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