Linking via the API

Link your software package to Floriday using the API

The most reliable way of linking to Floriday is by using the API. Retrieve the supply in real time from Floriday and place your orders.

About the API
The Floriday or Blueroots (REST) API is the best way to link your software package to Floriday. While in the past you could only connect using Floricode standards, now it will also be possible to connect directly using API. This is the latest linking method and has many benefits. The benefits are listed below.

In the future, the VMP link will be replaced by the future-proof API link. We therefore advise that you use the API link.

There are two types of API link to choose from: Blueroots and Floriday. Blueroots members link their software to Floriday using the Blueroots API. Customers who are not Blueroots members, link up using the Floriday API. The main difference between these two APIs is that the Blueroots API will return more data to the grower than the Floriday API. In addition, these two APIs are the same for supply and orders.

Get started with the API link?

The Customer API is ready for use. This means that we are no longer making any 'breaking changes'. 

Get started with the API link? Ask your software supplier to contact us so we can tell them everything they need to know about the API to link your software to Floriday. You can refer them to this page to get in contact with us.

The use of the API (for buyers) is subject to a subscription fee: Buyer rates Floriday 2021

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