Linking via the API

The most reliable way of linking is by using the API. Retrieve the supply in real time from Floriday and then place your order.

The recent REST API is going to be the new standard for linking software. While in the past your could only connect using Floricode standards, now it will also be possible to connect directly using API. This is the newest method of connecting by link and has many benefits. The API is future-proof and much more scalable than VMP or EDI. All new developments of Floriday will be set up in the API as well as the website environment so that this information can be entered in your own system. For the older VMP or EDI standards, this is often not possible or very complicated. The API link makes it possible to generate stickers and handle complaints, among other things. Another advantage of the API is that the API calls up specific data such that you only see the data you requested. That means the process is much faster compared to a VMP link. In the future, the VMP link will be replaced by the future-proof API link. We therefore recommend using the API link. Click here for more (technical) information about the API.

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