Linking via VMP

You can also link to Floriday via VMP. You can use VMP to call up the supply on Floriday and then place your orders.

The VMP (Virtual Market Place) link is a more recent way of linking your supply in comparison to the quote message, but does not have all the advantages and possibilities that linking via API offers. In general, the VMP link consists of two different functions: GetSupply and PutOrder. FloraXchange supports version 1.0 of the VMP link, for which you can receive documentation through Stichting Floricode.

The VMP link defines the way we have to communicate with each other. Floricode offers a test centre where messaging traffic is tested and can be certified. In order to get access to these tools, a subscription to Floricode is a good idea. More information about VMP can be found on the Floricode website. Please note: in the future the VMP link will be replaced by the future-proof API link. We therefore recommend using the API link.

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