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As a grower, you may already be automated with your own ERP software. This allows you to create an electronic delivery form (EAB) and transfer your supply directly to FloraMondo or FloraXchange or directly to customers. So what can Floriday do for you?

You can connect your own ERP software to Floriday or use Floriday modules. Floriday offers you, as a grower, extra commercial functions that allow you to organize your sales even better.

With Floriday, we offer you a complete solution!

Future-proof API connections

Traditional connections such as EAB and VMP offer insufficient opportunities for growth and innovation. That is why Floriday is working on a sustainable connection through API. These connections ensure the future-proof exchange of data between ERP software and Floriday.

The new API connections make modular linkage possible. This means that you, as a grower, can choose where you want to do what, partly in your ERP software and/or partly in Floriday. This increases your freedom of choice and allows you to organize your business your way!

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Choose your own working method!

As a grower, you can choose to use the Floriday modules from your own ERP software. These modules are added to your ERP software via the modern API connections in consultation with your software provider. 

There are many benefits to working partly in your own ERP software and partly in Floriday. No matter where you work, they are both synchronized in real time and are therefore always up to date. If your own software is down, don’t worry! Floriday is always accessible and up to date! 

In the mature phase, our mature links will be ready to roll out to a large group of users. Changes may be made to these without users noticing. In addition, we will be making new modules and functions available through beta links. These will be developed in conjunction with our users and software suppliers and will in turn also become mature links.

Mature link available.


Your ERP software gives you access to Floriday and you can synchronize products with Floriday, customers or other organizations.

Mature link available.

Direct sales from the catalog

Your ERP software allows you to fill your weekly lists and conduct direct sales with customers via FloraXchange. You work with continuous stock.

Mature link available.

Direct sales with batches

Your ERP software allows you to conduct direct sales with customers via FloraXchange and FloraMondo. You work with declining stock.

Mature link available.

Sales orders

Your ERP software gives you access to your sales orders and payment status for direct sales and clock sales. (At present only sales orders without payment status for direct sales)

Mature link available.

Delivery to external stock

Your ERP software allows you to arrange deliveries to your external stock via logistic service providers such as Royal FloraHolland. You can sell from your external stock.

Mature link available.

Selling at the clock

Your ERP sofware allows you to sell via clock (pre)sales.

Mature link available.

Delivery & settlement

Your ERP software allows you to settle deliveries for clock sales and direct sales.

We are working together with software suppliers to develop a new set of connections based on API technology that will be capable of delivering more smart functionalities to support your business as a grower. Check whether we are talking to your software supplier.

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Getting started with your ERP software?

Getting started with Floriday modules Indicate below which software supplier you work with.
We will inform you as soon as your software supplier is connected to Floriday.

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