Linking your softwarepackage

Do you have your own software package that you currently use for selling on the clock and direct trade? That's fine, you can keep on doing this. But it's important to link your software package to Floriday. The software supplier that services your software package has to set up the link together with Floriday.

Together with software suppliers, we've been busy for quite some time now getting these links in place. Check whether your software supplier is facilitating this link with Floriday in this overview or contact your software supplier.

When the link to Floriday is set to go, then your software supplier will let you know. As soon as the connection between your software provider and Floriday is ready, Floriday and your software package will connect seamlessly. You simply carry on doing what you are used to and what you always work with in the familiar screens. Is there a module that isn't supported by your software package? No worries! You can use this module in Floriday, because this combination is also possible.

Check here if your software provider is already linked to Floriday >>

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