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Gepost op  30 December 2020 door Diede Barendse

The end of the year is approaching, a period in which we look back over the past year and everything that happened. One thing is certain: 2020 is a year that nobody will forget in a hurry. The coronavirus has had major consequences, also for the floriculture industry. Nevertheless, we at Floriday have done everything we can in 2020 and fortunately we can also look back on an innovative and progressive year. In this article, we will take you back over the past year.

Working 100% Digital

In order to comply with PSD2 legislation, all direct transactions are required to be 100% Digital.This has resulted in a new way of doing things in the industry. This has been an enormous challenge and transition for growers, buyers and software suppliers; for the entire floriculture industry in fact. Growers, buyers and software suppliers who are not yet ready to trade 100% Digital for direct transactions on 1 January can make use of a temporary leniency scheme up to and including 31 March 2021.
What we cannot ignore, however, is the enormous commitment shown on all sides in 2020. Software suppliers have developed the API link and rolled it out to growers and buyers, who in turn have taken a critical look at their business processes and explored this new way of working. We have nothing but praise for this and look forward to working together to further digitalise and set a new standard in the industry.

Online is the new way of working

Whereas we previously gave workshops on-site primarily, the coronavirus led to a change. On-site workshops could no longer go ahead and were cancelled.The new online version made its appearance and it was a great success! In 2020, our onboarding specialists have given a total of approximately 400 workshops and visited growers on-site in order to onboard as many growers and buyers as possible. That this has not gone unappreciated could also be seen from the online Flori2days event which had more than 6,000 viewers! We could never in our wildest dreams have expected so many growers and buyers to sign up!

Floriday, for buyers too

In 2020, the buyer side in Floriday has been developed and become available. Since this year, buyers who do not or only partially use their (own) software package to order flowers and plants can create and place direct orders in Floriday. In this way, they can digitally place an order on the supply that growers have in Floriday, which immediately complies with 100% Digital business. Buyers can also approve purchase tips sent by growers. The Floriday platform will continue to develop (also in 2021 on both the grower and buyer side).

New functionalities

In 2020, weekly developments have been implemented in the platform. However, we would like to reflect for a moment on the biggest developments and functionalities.
• My Shop
This functionality offers growers the possibility to activate their own shop and thus to give buyers, with whom they do frequent direct business, access to the supply. All orders placed by a buyer in the grower's shop are 100% Digital. One easy step in 100% Digital trading for the grower and the buyer. See how to activate My Shop in Floriday
• Purchase tips and special offers
With special offers, you can quickly and easily make an offer to customers. Special offers have flexible validity and can be made for multiple customers simultaneously. There is also a special short-term special offer: the purchase tip. The purchase tip is valid for 3 hours and goes directly to the buyer for approval. Both ways ensure an order that meets the requirements of 100% Digital.
• Direct purchasing
As of this year, Floriday is offering buyers the opportunity to 'follow' growers. In this way, a buyer can see at a glance the supply they are interested in. When the grower receives and accepts the buyer's follow request, the grower adds the buyer to a price group. This allows the buyer to see the price that is applicable to them. Subsequently, a buyer can immediately place an order digitally with the grower. See more at and visit our new help centre while you’re there!
• Contracts
Many growers and buyers carrying out direct trade do so on a contract basis. To meet this market demand and to be able to work 100% Digital by the end of the year, Floriday has developed a functionality simplifying ‘contract trade’ between growers and buyers. With this functionality, the sector has a tool with which mutual agreements can actually be laid down and by which both parties can comply with these agreements. By providing this functionality, all forms of direct trade have become available through Floriday, representing an important milestone for the 100% Digital programme.

Support superstars

With so much being developed and introduced during 2020, there have been many questions from growers and buyers, Questions that have, of course, ended up with our support staff. It has all been a bit of a struggle at times, especially in the last few months of the year, but they have really pulled out all the stops to assist growers and buyers as much as possible and to properly inform them about the possibilities of Floriday. In the course of 2020, the support team has received 29,139 phone calls, sent 9,000 chat messages and responded to a lot of emails. Particularly in the last few months, we have seen a considerable increase in the number of contact moments, which is why we would like to conclude this article with a word of thanks to our support colleagues. Linda, Lara, Justin, Kim, Jeroen, Paula, Eric, Pam, Viren and Lisa, THANK YOU!

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