4 useful functions to make working with Floriday easier for buyers (part 2)

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Gepost op  13 July 2021 door Laura Nowee

A few weeks ago, we gave you an overview of 4 Floriday functions for buyers. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use Floriday, so here are a few more tips. In part two, you’ll discover some functions that are particularly useful during the summer holidays.


1: Assign permissions

It is possible to assign permissions in Floriday. As the main user, you can manage the rights and set which employees have access to the components in Floriday according to their job titles. This allows you to create a secure environment that safeguards the privacy and data security of the organisation.

Holiday tip: Before the summer holidays begin, make sure that the permissions are assigned correctly, so your organisation can continue to work efficiently when employees are on holiday. You can easily change the permissions again after the summer holiday period.

Read more about assigning permissions


2. Discover interesting developments on the timeline

Growers in your network can post product developments and other news items to your timeline. For example, growers can recommend a product, which you can view directly in the store or set as a favorite through the star.

In the settings, you can choose which types of messages you want to be shown on your timeline: news items and/or product promotions. You can also choose to hide updates for a specific type of message by clicking on the three dots next to the message on your timeline. This makes it easy for you to get a clear overview.

Read more about the timeline


3: Use the filter options

Floriday has filter options that you can use to refine searches. The filter options are indicated with a funnel icon. These options are available in the catalogue, contracts, direct sales, purchasing dashboard and network. For example, you can search directly for a specific grower or select characteristics, so you can quickly get the overview you need.

Try out the filter options in Floriday for yourself


4. Stay up to date and discover new possibilities

During the summer holidays, Floriday offers various ways to stay up to date on everything happening in Floriday. In the upper right-hand corner of Floriday you’ll find a question mark. If you click on it, it takes you straight to the Helpcenter page for the subject of this page. In addition, we offer interesting webinars every month to teach you the basics of Floriday or to inform you of the latest developments. Want to receive a monthly overview in your inbox? Sign up for the Floriday buyer and/or grower newsletter.

Holiday tip: Use the summer holiday period to spend time learning more about the different components of Floriday.

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