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Boost your sales: make an offer!

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Gepost op 05-04-2023
door Karin Wangko

An offer gives your supply on Floriday the visibility you want: that increases your sales chances. Within your network, but also outside it. A buyer can easily buy based on an offer: trading thus becomes a lot simpler and faster. In this article, you will learn how to use an offer efficiently to boost your sales. 

An effective offer = complete

With a good title, description and photo, you can encourage the buyer to click on your offer. A prerequisite, of course, is that the accompanying product information that then appears is in order, after all, this is how a buyer knows what he is saying 'yes' to and where he stands. Also fill in the order and delivery information with your offer. You can determine these separately. So ordering now and delivering later is possible! 

The right offer to the right customer

You decide who you make an offer to. You can make an exclusive offer to one or more customers or a general offer for all buyers on Floriday. These are not only customers within your network, but also outside it. Does your offer catch the attention of buyers outside your network? Perhaps a nice connection will follow from this. And so your network and your trading opportunity will grow. 

With an offer, you can adopt customer-specific prices in addition to basic prices. You can adjust this, as well as the purchase quantity, as you wish. 

Add volume discount

If you create an offer through Floriday's screens, you can apply a different unit price per purchase quantity (keg, layer, load carrier). This 'graduated' price varies, depending on the order size.

How do buyers see my listing?

Customer-specific and general offers will appear on buyers' timelines, provided you add an appropriate title and description. They can then easily buy based on this. In any case, your offer will appear in the Floriday Explorer search results and in 'My Store'. An additional advantage is that in your shop, the general offer including price is also visible to buyers outside your network! 

Go for extra exposure

Your offer also has a unique link: you can share it via email, WhatsApp or by placing a QR code in physical places such as a trade fair. This way, you draw attention to your offer whenever you want. 

How often is my listing viewed?

Through 'My Shop', you can view the statistics of your listing. How many times has your listing been viewed? And how often has it been used? This can help you compile offers in the future! 

Getting started?

In the Helpcenter, you can read how to create an offer step by step.

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