Clock delivery creation improved together with growers

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Gepost op  19 October 2020 door Daniëlle van der Peet

A lot of hard work has recently gone into improving clock delivery in Floriday, with input from a group of growers. In various online sessions, we discussed the necessary optimisations with growers to make this function more user-friendly and to expand it to meet the needs of the sector.


"We have to get this working together"

Joost Bakker of Orchid Gardens, together with a group of growers, contributed ideas about improvements to clock delivery in Floriday. Joost explains: “We give feedback and see that something is being done with it. That’s nice! As members, we have to move forward with Floriday, which is only possible if we communicate well with each other and indicate what works. Many small growers may think that Floriday exists only for larger growers who will simply take the lead. However, that is not the case. We have to get this working together and that means we have to take action together (large and small growers as one). Floriday is the backbone of everyone’s activities for the coming years. Yes, you have to put in some effort, but you can't go to the pub these days anyway. Spend that time setting up and discovering Floriday!”

“The auction offers plenty of opportunities to get started with Floriday,” says Eric van Tol of Fa. M.Q. van Tol. “Go to a webinar or schedule an appointment with a Floriday expert who will pay you a visit. If you don't take advantage of these possibilities now, it’s your loss. We want to avoid growers waiting until the last moment and then calling Floriday support en masse.


Improvements to clock delivery in Floriday

Growers who now want to create clock deliveries in Floriday will experience the following improvements:

  • You can add a minimum price to products.
  • A free field has been added for comments, for example to the auctioneer.
  • To quickly add items or properties to a clock delivery, you can now directly edit the properties of products. We have set this as "standard-setting". On your mobile phone, the variant selection is always shown in this section, since manual entry is tricky there.
  • Clock-delivery products can now be processed after you have created them. It is not yet possible to add new products, but you can change the packing configurations and quantities of current products.
  • You can also easily remove products. For the time being, this is only possible for clock deliveries that have not yet been completed.
  • The first step, in which you choose the delivery type, will now remain unavailable by default if you are creating a delivery where the type is fixed. This makes the screen clearer with regard to completing your clock delivery.
  • The "characteristics" input fields when selecting products for delivery are now sorted based on sorting preferences. You can adjust pot size more easily if it is above your sorting preferences.
    Something we are still working on: you will soon be able to print an auction document before it is sent.

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