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Intratuin: “Cooperation with grower easier”

3 minuten leestijd
Gepost op 11-11-2021
door Laura Nowee

Intratuin recently organised a suppliers’ day in order to give a group of growers an update about the latest developments. We talked to Brigit van der Steeg, Assortment Manager Intratruin Groencentrum, and Nikita Lagerwerf, account manager at KP Holland, about their digitisation process and switch to Floriday. Read more in this news item.

A major change is being planned at Intratuin, namely the relocation to a new building. A new approach with regard to software systems is also in keeping with this relocation. “Since October 2021, we have started a new way of collaborating with each other. Together, we are working towards an efficient and successful new comprehensive end-to-end solution,” says Brigit in her presentation to the growers who attended the suppliers’ day.

Switch to Floriday

The first step of Intratuin’s purchasing process begins with Floriday. If the supply of the grower is correctly entered in Floriday in a customer-specific way, Intratuin’s buyers see the supply line in their own system Pim. Nikita from KP Holland tells more about this: “It is useful and interesting to know how things work at Intratuin, how they want to work, how this is done on their shop floor and how they experience certain things with regard to the grower. This provides us with new insights and it therefore becomes immediately clear what is important to Intratuin and how we can cater for this as a grower.”

In her story, Brigit says what is important about Floriday when using it: “The advantage of Floriday is the real-time supply. All product information is sent in a targeted way. In this way, we can keep track of our stocks and the delivery times are correct. Information like certificates or stickers can also be properly included and the settlement or any corrections can be done through Floriday. By keeping everything up to date in Floriday, not only will the administrative processes be simpler, but the cooperation with growers will also be made easier.”

KP Holland already works with Floriday a lot. “We are well informed about everything that’s possible with Floriday and we therefore think it’s important that our customers are also busy with this, so that we can ultimately work towards easier and error-free order processing.”

From demand management to supply management

Accurate product information is especially important for the online world. “A customer orders a product with a specific colour, pot size and height in Intratuin’s webshop. This data must then correspond with the unique barcode. This information can be easily exchanged with Floriday, without an unnecessary amount of emails or Excel files. Because this no longer has to be entered manually, this will prevent a lot of mistakes,” explains Brigit further. In this way, growers can work with supply management instead of updating Excel lists as soon as this is requested.

Nikita tells more about this: "The most important point to consider for us is the real-time supply. We are not yet working with this at present, because this can be very changeable. Many aspects of this are dependent, for example, on the weather, labour and the market demand. We have a supply obligation with Floriday, therefore we will have to estimate the real-time supply well, so that we can always supply the given quantities, but also not supply too little, as a result of which we have to disappoint customers. Fortunately, Intratuin and Floriday are both contributing ideas in order to come up with a good working method together. We are ready for digitisation and therefore encourage these types of collaborations at all times.” 


Intratuin has a clear goal in mind with these steps: “We look for professionalisation in the entire chain and do that based on industry standards as much as possible. In doing so, we look for better control over the integrated chain in order to be able to facilitate our entrepreneurs even better. The implementation of Floriday in cooperation with growers helps us to achieve this goal.”