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Direct delivery via Floriday: more and more available in software packages

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Gepost op 03-03-2023
door Danielle van der Peet

More and more software packages now support the ability to handle direct deliveries via the Floriday API. This allows growers to handle the direct order without having to use the Connect-EAB. Growers thus benefit directly from more trading opportunities and gain more insight into the deliveries being handled.

Interested in the status of your software vendor? Click here

In recent months, a large number of software suppliers have been working on adding direct delivery to the software package. A good number are also rolling this out to their customers on a daily basis. You may also have had implementation consultants from your software supplier visit you. Most software suppliers are expected to have provided all their customers with this capability by the end of April.

'Fast order processing, without errors'

This way of working offers growers and buyers more insight into order handling, and provides earlier financial feedback on the order. It also supports new payment methods such as eWallet. This allows growers to sell to a wider group of buyers via Floriday.  


Jeroen van der Wel, working at Piet Vijverberg: "We are working with the latest update in our SDF business software. Order processing for us and our customers is good, it's faster and avoids time-consuming errors. Administrative processing is much faster these days, and we can spend this time on more important things. With these new features, sales opportunities have also been further enhanced by allowing buyers to check out via e-Wallet, for example."

From 1 July pricing for Connect-EAB

By handling the direct order through Floriday, growers no longer need to use the Connect-EAB. This is because the Connect-EAB is not resilient to future developments needed in digital business. From 1 July 2023, the Connect-EAB will also be tariffed. That is, a tariff will soon be charged per supply letter line if growers still use the Connect-EAB. The rate is yet to be set. Read more in this news release.

What is the status of your software supplier?

Want to know the status of your software supplier? On this page you can see if your software supplier is rolling it out at the moment, if direct delivery is already available, or has already been rolled out. If you have any questions about this, please contact your software supplier.

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