Drafting an agreement? Floriday and Order Risk Advisers can help

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Gepost op  04 February 2021 door Joyce van Galen

Recently, we have asked Walter Schoenmakers and Eline Verschoor, Order and Risk Advisers at RoyalFloraHolland, a number of questions about agreement options. Order and risk advice is a service that they have been providing to growers and buyers for many years. Recently, this service has become easy to use within your business via Floriday. Do you work with contracts a lot? Or would you like to know more about it? Then read this interview, including tips of the experts!

The preparation of an agreement and then uploading the agreement into Floriday is accessible to anyone. Is this your first time preparing an agreement and are you dealing with a complicated agreement? The Order Risk Advisers can help you on your way.

Can you briefly describe what an Order Risk Adviser at RFH does?

Walter / Eline: Order and risk advisers (ORA) advise in order to stimulate orders in the direct trade. This could include the written recording of orders and intermediation in case of complaints and/or claims. ORA can also draft contracts at the request of the grower and the buyer or we advise in case of agreements that they prepare themselves.

How do you handle the information from the contracts?

Walter / Eline: It goes without saying that we handle this in a highly confidential manner and that information is only shared with the parties concerned. This information is not available to other parties.

What tip would you give growers / buyers (to work via Floriday)?

Walter / Eline: Make sure that the arrangements are entered properly into Floriday so that misunderstandings afterwards are avoided. In case of slightly more complicated orders, use the option of adding a PDF form (agreement) to Floriday. ORA can prepare this form for growers and buyers or we can advise if you want to do it yourself.

How can growers / buyers contact ORA?

Walter / Eline: Via the easy email address ora@royalfloraholland.com.


Floriday and contract trade in practice

What can Floriday do for growers and buyers with contracts?

In Floriday you can record long-term arrangements with the help of the 'contract trade' functionality. Contract trade refers to long-term agreements that you concluded with a buyer. These types of agreements become customer-specific supply lines in Floriday, which both the grower and the buyer can call on. All stipulated arrangements on account of contract trade are subject to a purchase obligation.


How do you process the agreement in Floriday?

A comprehensive but easy step-by-step plan (growers) (buyers) was prepared for this. By following these steps you prepare an agreement and after the confirmation of both parties you can set to work on standing orders.


How do you call the agreement that was prepared and recorded in Floriday?

As soon as you concluded an agreement with a buyer (or as a buyer with a grower) in Floriday, you can start placing standing orders on this agreement. The buyer can place these standing orders, but you can also do this yourself in Floriday. For further clarification, please visit our online Help Center (grower) or online Help Center (buyer).

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