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Easy selling via Floriday? Manage your network!

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Gepost op 22-02-2023
door Laura Nowee

Floriday makes it easy to offer your products. Thanks to price groups, you keep control over the supply and the prices buyers see. An article was recently published for buyers on how to expand the network. In this article, we will show you how to manage your network as a grower.

Proactive sharing of supply

Floriday offers a number of ways to bring your supply to the attention of buyers. You can share a link of an article, your shop or the search results of your supply in the Explorer. By sharing this link with a buyer, they can directly purchase from the supply. Does the buyer not have a connection yet? Then the prices are not yet visible. From here, the buyer can send you a connection request, after which you can do business as soon as you accept this request.

Read more on how to inform buyers in the Helpcenter

Send an offer

Apart from sharing the supply, you can also create a special offer for a particular buyer or around a specific theme. You can also share the offer through a unique link. If it is a general offer, the buyer does not yet have to have a connection to buy. This allows the buyer to get acquainted with the supply you have to offer. Does this also apply for the future? Then the buyer can send a connection request.

Read more about offers in the Helpcenter

Keeping the network informed

The timeline messages on Floriday offer a convenient way to keep your network informed. You can decide the contents of the timeline message. From here, you can easily insert an item from the catalog, a photo or a link to a YouTube video. After posting the message, it now shows the reach of buyers who can see the message and how many buyers have actually viewed this message.

Read more about timeline messages in the Helpcenter

Keep your network up-to-date

You manage your network from the Network heading in Floriday. You can see here which customers are in your network. By clicking on the buyer, you will see the customer card, contacts and the selected range. On the customer card, you can see the buyer's trade settings.

Get started with the network immediately!

By working with the network, you keep control of your supply. Get started with the network in Floriday immediately!


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