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Make sure eWallet orders are processed correctly

3 minutes
Gepost op 21-12-2022
door Danielle van der Peet

Buyers shopping in or through Floriday have the option of settling orders through Floriday using eWallet. For proper processing of orders and ensuring payment, it is important that eWallet orders can only be processed through Floriday (or a connected software package). These orders cannot be handled via a Connect-EAB. In this post, you will find answers to four frequently asked questions. 

1. What is an eWallet and how does it work?

With an eWallet, a buyer deposits money in advance into a digital wallet to pay for purchases on the clock, clock presales or direct tradesOrders placed in Floriday through an eWallet are checked for the buyer's spending limit. When there is sufficient limit, a reservation (claim) is executed in the eWallet. This gives you as a grower the security of payment. Read more on the Royal FloraHolland website.

2. How can you recognise an eWallet order and associated credit status?

An order placed by a buyer with an eWallet can be identified by the eWallet icon in the sales order summary. A credit check is then performed on the spending limit in the eWallet. The result of the check is made visible in the sales orders in Floriday with an icon of a shield.

This shield can have different statuses. In this explanation article you will find the meaning of the different statuses. Read this article carefully, so you know the credit status of the order. This is because an order without a successful credit check, cannot be processed in Floriday or paid out.

Please note! Do you work through the software package linked to Floriday? Then you won't see this feature. You will then not receive a notification. You can always check the status of the order in the Floriday screens, though.

3. How can you handle an eWallet order?

Orders placed through an eWallet can only be transacted in or through Floriday. In the screens, you do this through Handle Deliveries. In your own software package linked to Floriday, this is only possible if the package supports (direct) delivery via Floriday. Want to know if your software package is linked to Floriday? Check with your software vendors or see the overview on our website.

Please note! An eWallet order cannot be handled through the Connect-EAB. If this happens, there will be no payout!

4. Can't handle eWallet orders through Floriday? Then turn this off!

If you cannot or do not want to handle eWallet orders, you can turn off the 'Ready for order handling in Floriday or via API-connected package' slider. This prevents eWallet buyers from placing orders with you. This slider can be found in Settings > System.

More information or questions?
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