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Floriday explores how to further improve interaction on platform

3 minutes
Gepost op 01-03-2023
door Laura Nowee

We regularly hear from growers and buyers that they would like to be able to send more information with their orders within Floriday. We have therefore launched a study to discover how to further improve interaction on the platform. Recently, our colleagues Lisa (Product Owner Floriday) and Sofie (Support and onboarding Floriday) have been talking to various growers and buyers to find out the way they currently communicate and what this interaction is about.

Current modes of interaction

Currently, Floriday already allows for different ways of communicating. For example it is possible for growers and buyers to post messages on the timeline. This allows a message to be sent to the entire network. In addition, a reason can be included, for example, if an request is rejected. That way, the reason can already be communicated. It is just not yet possible to respond to this. In that case, a phone call has to be made anyway, losing the underlying information of the application.

Lisa: "From Floriday, we see a lot of opportunities in optimising the interaction between growers and buyers. There is a lot of calling, texting and emailing in the industry about questions regarding items, supply, orders or deliveries. If we enable more interaction on the platform, we can better support this personal contact by sending along the right information. The recipient of the question immediately knows what the question is about."

Sofie: "In initial discussions with growers and buyers, we have already found out a lot. It is interesting to see how much contact there is and what ways are used to easily share information. For example, one buyer revealed that his gallery is full of photos with screenshots from Floriday. There must be an easier way to do that, right?"

Next steps

To make the results from the interviews measurable, the next step is to conduct a survey. Sofie: "This gives us valuable insights into the amount of communication and the topics being communicated about."

Lisa: "Once we have a clear picture of all the data and we find out the need, we can start thinking about whether we can enable solutions for certain topics in Floriday."

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