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Incomplete product information? Buyers can now simply notify growers!

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Gepost op 05-10-2022
door Joyce van Galen

With the introduction of the Explorer, we are seeing more and more buyers ordering through Floriday. Every day they search thousands of different items they can filter on. To continually improve the quality of this offer on Floriday, it is now possible in the Explorer for buyers to place a notification on items where information is missing or incorrect. This notification will go directly to the relevant grower.

If a buyer sees an item for which the photo does not look right, the availability is incorrect, an item feature is missing or loading is not set correctly, it is now possible to notify the grower of this. Buyers can submit a comment for clarification and the feedback will go directly to the grower. A buyer can also see an overview of all notifications already made by his/her immediate colleagues.

Working together for optimum supply information

Growers can get straight to work on the notification they receive by editing the relevant item and processing the notification. Does the grower disagree with the feedback? Then the grower can reject the notification and send the reason for the rejection. This way we can work together to make the best possible supply information in Floriday!

So as a buyer, do you see an item that you think could be better? Or have you received a notification from a buyer with tips for improvement? Get to work on it and help us improve our offer on Floriday! If you'd like to know more about how to create a notification as a buyer, please go to our helpcenter.

More information or questions?

Do you, as a buyer, have questions about creating a notification or do you, as a grower, want help optimising your online offer? Our support team is available from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 17.00. Call 0174 - 35 20 70 or use the chat function in Floriday and ask all your questions directly.

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