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Increase your digital security with a rock-solid password

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Gepost op 10-01-2024
door Karin Wangko

As a Floriday user, what can you do to increase cybersecurity within your business and combat cybercrime? With this article series, we give you useful, simple tips you can use right away. This article focuses on something we use every day: the password.

The world is digitizing rapidly, and so is the floriculture industry. As a platform, Floriday is responsible for providing an environment where growers and buyers can do business that is as digitally secure as possible. You yourself can also contribute to cybersecurity. Did you know that passwords are still regularly the weak spot of an organisation's cybersecurity? The good news is that you can do something about it!

Provide a rock-solid password policy

  • Keep a unique and strong password for each account. Make it a passphrase, for example. A sentence is easy to remember, and you quickly get more than 12 characters. Incorporate upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, and avoid information that is easy to guess.
  • Change passwords regularly: at least once a year. To make sure you have the right password at hand for each account, you can use a password manager.
  • Use two-factor authentication (2-FA). Using 2-FA adds a second layer of protection to your Floriday account. This means that, in addition to entering a username and password, you will need to enter a code on your phone to log in. You can use this to increase the security of your Floriday account. Read more about 2-FA here.
  • Make sure everyone working with Floriday has their own account with their own passwords. You can assign different roles to each user account. For example, as the administrator, you can activate 2-FA for your colleagues. Furthermore, this also reduces the risk of misuse and unintentional errors.
  • Did you know there are also more and more places where you do not have to use a password? Instead, you can now use passkeys in more and more places. They enable you to log in faster, are easier to use, and are much more secure. Passkeys are based on standards and differ from passwords in that they are phishing-resistant, always strong, and designed without shared secrets. You can also store passkeys in a password manager.

February 1st - 'Change your password' day

To give extra attention to one of the most important elements of cybersecurity, February 1st has been declared 'Change your password' day for several years now.

Floriday emphasizes the importance of a strong password policy and will also start increasing password complexity on its platform as of February. From now on, we will ask users by email or in the platform to change their password once a year. If you do not want this, please set up 2-FA. In that case, you will not have to change your password.

Are you going for a strong password policy too?

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