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Increase your sales opportunities with My Shop

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Gepost op 27-05-2022
door Karin Wangko

Make your current assortment immediately visible and available to your trusted buyers in your shop. Here, you can present your products in a professional way and we make your sales as easy as possible for you. Find out how in this article.

Activate your shop now

Your activated shop is similar to a webshop, with information on your current range and prices. This is the best environment for buyers to place their orders. It’s super handy for buyers who want to get to work before daily trade starts or before a deadline. All the buyer has to do is select their desired products in your shop and add them to their shopping trolley. They can also add additional services (stickers). A purchase only takes a few seconds!

Extra convenience without the extra work

If you have many products in your product range, you can create collections in the catalogue based on for example item type or pot size, so the collections appear in your shop. This will make it easier to find your products! If you use catalogue prices or batch prices in Direct Sales, your shop will automatically do the same. That way, every buyer will see the correct price.

As a grower, you can give buyers the option to add services to products (sleeves, stickers, treatments). You can also set your own shipping fees, which are divided over the whole order. That’s handy for smaller and smaller orders!

Extra visibility

Buyers can filter their network for growers with an activated shop. So if you activate your shop, you’ll have more visibility among buyers. Furthermore, you can attract attention to your shop among whomever you want with My Shop's marketing options. With a direct link to your shop in for example your e-mail signature or a button on your website, you can easily refer readers and visitors to your shop and the product range featured in your shop. Or, download the QR code and put it on a brochure or poster or use it at a trade fair. That makes it easy for buyers to find you and your products, and it takes them straight to the right place.

My Store also features a button called ‘New invitation’ that you can use to invite buyers to your store in Floriday. This makes it possible to attract attention to your store among buyers who don’t have a Floriday account yet. Another great feature! Instructions will be sent so the buyer can easily create an account. The email will also contain a link to your store.

Important: connections!

You’ve activated your store, added products and made it nice and clear. Now it’s time to take another look at your network. Have you accepted all connection requests? And have you added your new connections to a price group? This step is important because only then can the new connections see the customer-specific prices and place orders in your store.

To measure is to know

Who visited your store and when exactly? You’ll be able to access these statistics once your store has been activated. And then you can put them to good use. Because if you know what time during the week buyer X visits your store, you can send them a special offer just before. This will appear in a prominent, visible spot in your store. The buyer can then easily add it to their cart. Put the data to good use!

And one final tip: take a look at your store through the customer’s eyes. You can choose which customer you want to preview your store as. That can help to dot the Is and cross the Ts!

More information

Gert Bauman, VDE Plant:

‘My Shop’ is very important to us. Here, customers can see what we have at a glance and place orders. The categories we use, such as pot size, make it easy for the customer to find what they’re looking for, make a selection and place their order. It’s a great place to display our beautiful products! And with the handy QR code and URL, we can easily share our shop e with our customers.’

Photo (from left to right) of Gert, Lida, Amanda and Sven.