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Inform buyers about future offers

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Gepost op 23-06-2022
door Laura Nowee

Even though the summer has just begun, most buyers have already started preparing for the autumn. Floriday offers you the opportunity to present your future offerings to buyers at an early stage. Would you rather not receive orders yet on a certain product? Or is a product temporarily out of stock or is it difficult to determine the price at this stage? Make sure that this is configured properly on Floriday, so that buyers can find your offer and that you are actually in a position to deliver whenever they place an order. Read more in this news item.


Guide price? You decide!

Buyers are finding it increasingly important to be able to preview future offerings. Sometimes they will want to order on this basis; in other cases, it is really used as a long-term indicator. As such, they will increasingly ask you as a grower to provide your prices in advance. This is easy to do in Floriday through the 'Forward prices' function (read more in the helpcenter). This allows you to enter a guide price and quantity for the weeks in which the item is available. Until the deal is finalised, you can change prices and quantities at any time up until the Thursday morning before the week in question.

Ordering on future offers

You decide whether you want to offer the buyer the option of ordering from future offers now. You can set this up using the order period (read more on this in the helpcenter). The order period determines how many weeks in advance you can order the item. Can the buyer place orders all year round? Then leave the order period on immediate. Do you just want to share the prices and quantities with the buyer as a guide that can't be ordered yet? By setting the order period at one week, orders can be placed only one week prior.

Make an exception and do a special offer

If the buyer finds an interesting offer but is not yet able to order due to the order period that has been set, there is the option of making a request. If you still want to offer the buyer the option of ordering the item earlier, then you can send the buyer an offer. In this way, you can make an exception so that the product for which you have created an offer can be ordered in the future.

Items temporarily out of stock

Is the item temporarily out of stock? Using the availability slider, you can determine the availability for the current and coming week. By turning this off, it is no longer possible to order for the current and future week. If you have set the order period to longer than 1 week, the item can be ordered again as of the second week. If the product is still not available, you can set the quantities for the week(s) concerned to 0. Using the future pricing function, this can be easily configured for multiple items and weeks at a time (read more in the helpcenter).

Ensure future supply

Make sure you fill in your future prices properly in Floriday so that the buyers can easily see which items you are offering on a long-term basis. Thanks to the ability to set the order period and the availability, you retain control over when orders are placed and at what price.

This article refers to functions available in the Floriday screens. Do you work through an API link with Floriday? Consult the software supplier overview for growers or the software overview for buyers as to which functions are supported by your software.

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