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Insight into Floriday's development with our roadmap

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Gepost op 27-07-2022
door Karin Wangko

In mid-2021, Floriday introduced the interactive roadmap: the place to make all requirements, ideas and development points visible. How are these requirements looking now? Using the statistics, Floriday Product Coach Pam van Winden reveals an insight into the follow-up and results.

With the roadmap, you can see what's going on and what the Floriday team is currently working on. You can find it in the platform itself, and it is made up of requirements, planning and the functions that are in place. Since the launch of the Roadmap, over 3,500 users have given their input and more than half of the 141 development points picked up have been completed.

Insight into your needs

Floriday is constantly evolving. We believe it is important to optimise the user-friendliness of the platform so that you, the user, can use your time efficiently. That can be done if we are well-informed about your requirements and needs. The roadmap offers that insight. Pam: "By using the roadmap, we keep discovering that there are infinite possibilities to make working in Floriday even more enjoyable and easier. New ideas are constantly coming up, which form valuable input."

Insight in Floriday

On the roadmap, you can keep track of whether your request is shared by others (as seen by the votes received), and whether it is taken up as a development point. This gives you, the user, insight into the development of Floriday. This increases the predictability of the platform and provides you with clarity: you know what to expect. "The roadmap also brings speed and efficiency to us as product coaches", says Pam. "We are able to understand more quickly which needs are really important or even urgent and are therefore also able to engage more quickly with our colleagues."

We actively keep you informed

Pam: "Previously, we would phone or email those who placed or voted on a requirement once it was ready. That process has now been automated, so the user is informed even faster. It can be seen immediately on logging in to Floriday, on the dashboard or timeline. This way they are among the first to be notified! Users are always very grateful when a requirement is picked up and subsequently completed. This process also makes them feel involved in the development of the platform."

This is how the roadmap works

In a few steps, you too can get started on the interactive roadmap. Explore, vote, or submit your own ideas or requests. The following Helpcenter articles describe how to use the Roadmap step by step.