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Managing assortment on Floriday improved with supply selections

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Gepost op 14-03-2023
door Laura Nowee

In Floriday, you can easily manage your assortment via the Explorer. In this way you can put together the assortment for your (retail) contracts, to fill your webshop and/or to create table plans for garden centres. Thanks to convenient supply selections, managing the assortment is now further improved!

Creating supply selections

Since recently, you can now work with supply selections in Floriday. Here, you can make selections of certain product types or make a selection per buyer, depending on the structure you wish to apply. You can easily do this by creating the various supply selections in advance. While searching the range, you can add the desired items to the selection.

Helpcenter: this is how to make supply selections

Selected assortment

As well as the supply selections you can add to Floriday, you can also work with selected assortment. With the selected assortment, you can mark items as favourites to fill your software package or webshop. In addition, you can filter on this, for example to order at a later time.

An item you add to a supply selection does not always have to be a selected item. This way, items that you do add to a particular selection do not go straight to your own software package.

Easy searching and ordering from current supply

Explorer makes it easy to search and order by current supply. Thanks to handy filters and features such as supply selections and selected range, you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Want to know more about Explorer?

Check our website for the possibilities with the Explorer. Or check out the step-by-step explanation pages in our Helpcenter.

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