More predictability for Floriday: interactive roadmap live

Gepost op  21 April 2021 door Daniëlle van der Peet

Today, Floriday has published an interactive roadmap with all development points and ideas for the platform. This was a desire supported by many of the growers and buyers that arose from sessions with the relevant parties regarding the follow-up approach for Floriday. This interactive roadmap is an important part of increasing the predictability and a supplement to developing Floriday together with growers and buyers. Starting today, the roadmap is available on the Floriday platform.

The roadmap offers more insight and predictability in the developments to come. Floriday users are able to see that their contributions and ideas for the platform are taken into account. The interactive road map provides insight into what the schedule is, what has already been produced, what is currently in development and what is being considered. In addition, Floriday users have the option to add their own ideas and indicate which parts should be prioritized according to them and which parts have a lower priority. Floriday will use the roadmap to prioritize, provide information about upcoming improvements and new functionality on the platform.

What happens to a submitted wish?

  • When a wish is submitted, we include it in the "wishes" tab. We first check whether the wish has already been submitted, before it becomes visible. If there is already a solution for a wish, it will be assigned directly to the corresponding solution.
  • On the 'planning' tab, you will find all solutions and their status. As soon as a solution is scheduled, it will be given a status: being worked on, in development, in pilot phase or completed.
  • When scheduling new developments, the number of votes is an important criterion.
  • As soon as a solution is finished, we inform the users who voted for it, and this can be found in the Floriday release notes for and customers.

Available on the Floriday platform

The roadmap map is available on the Floriday platform as of today. You can directly go there through a banner on the dashboard. The input from the sessions with growers, buyers, software providers and agents forms the basis of all development points. Earlier wishes have also been taken into account. During the coming period, we will also be adding wishes that were submitted by the support team of Floriday and/or your account manager.


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New approach to Floriday

On 31 March , a new Floriday approach was announced. On the advice of the Members' Council, dozens of sessions with agents, growers, buyers and software suppliers have been held to find out how we can improve Floriday. There were also discussions about the desired functionality for growers, buyers and software providers. This feedback is the basis for a new approach, that focuses on better and more intensive cooperation, broader trading possibilities, working with ease and increasing predictability.

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