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New approach Floriday in consultation with parties involved

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Gepost op 31-03-2021
door Danielle van der Peet

In February, the end date of 100% Digital was suspended after feedback from the market on the Floriday platform and its implementation. On the advice of the Members' Council, dozens of sessions with agents, growers, buyers and software suppliers have been held over the past few weeks to find out how we can improve Floriday. And it was discussed which functionalities are needed to be able to work with the platform. We will actively work with this feedback. We will therefore look together at what is a feasible end date. An end date for 100% Digital has therefore not yet been set and the Connect-EAB will continue to exist for the time being.

In brief:

  • Together with growers, buyers and software suppliers, we are going to improve Floriday.
  • Together with all parties involved, we are looking at a feasible end date for 100% Digital.
  • Floriday's new approach focuses on better and more intensive cooperation, broader trading possibilities, simple working and increasing predictability.
  • For now, growers and buyers can continue to trade through the Connect-EAB.

Floriday is for all growers and buyers, big and small

Meticulousness is the guiding principle for the coming period, according to André van der Linden, CIO of Royal FloraHolland: "I would like to thank all participants in the sessions for their participation and input. We have had good discussions with the parties involved. The feedback was sometimes firm, but we also see that there is a lot of support for digitisation of the sector and the platform. Last year, we demanded more from the market than was realistic and we ourselves were also not sufficiently prepared for that. The rollout must be done at a pace and with meticulousness that is feasible for everyone. We want to listen structurally to the wishes and ideas that are there. We will address the biggest concerns first. Floriday must be an attractive platform for all growers and buyers, large and small. That was always the intention. Together we will continue to shape our digital dream. We have a lot of appreciation for growers and buyers who already use Floriday and have invested a lot of time and energy in it. Together with you, we have taken the first steps. You can also count on further improvements to the platform. We are now adjusting our approach based on the feedback to make the move to Floriday easier for everyone."

Feedback on market sessions

On the advice of the Members' Council, sessions were held in recent weeks with growers, buyers, software suppliers and agents during which the follow-up approach for Floriday was discussed. All parties involved indicated that they consider digitisation to be important. However, they found that the pressure from Royal FloraHolland was too high, that Floriday does not have the possibilities to facilitate all direct trade and that the user-friendliness could be improved. In addition, more flexibility is needed to trade through the platform. Users also want to be able to find their contributions and ideas for the platform. In addition, a structural improvement of the cooperation has been requested.

We will make structural improvements in the coming period

Based on the feedback, we will improve Floriday together with all parties involved and focus on the following four aspects with a few examples:

  • Broader trading opportunities
    We will offer more choices and fit in with the current way of doing things. On that basis, we’re going to offer more options and greater efficiency. For example, by making changes to the purchase tips, broader contracts and call-off options possible.
  • Easy to work with
    We are making the execution of actions in Floriday more user-friendly, for example by reducing the number of steps to create a clock letter, building in a search function for buyers and making it easier to make corrections.
  • Increasing predictability
    Floriday is going to offer more transparency and predictability in the developments to come. An interactive roadmap will provide insight into what has already been delivered and what is in development. Parties can also add wishes and vote on them.
  • Intensified cooperation
    The phased approach will be fleshed out in intensive cooperation with a number of parties involved. During 'ideation sessions’, we will involve more users at an early stage in the development of functions and share this more widely. We are going to collaborate more structurally and intensively with the software suppliers and agents in the field of development and planning.

What does this mean for you in concrete terms?

An end date for the rollout of Floriday will be set as soon as the platform has been developed far enough, the software suppliers have had enough time to implement the link and growers and buyers are able to work with it well enough. We have opted for a phased approach, which we will shape over the coming weeks in cooperation with the parties involved. For now, growers and buyers can continue to use the Connect-EAB to settle their direct orders.

  • Are you already working with Floriday? 
    We want to continue to work with you to create new features that ensure Floriday adds even more value for you.
  • Are you waiting for certain functionalities in Floriday? 
    On the interactive roadmap, you will soon be able to see when which functionality will be delivered.
  • Are you waiting for your software supplier? 
    Together with the software supplier, we will ensure a responsible roll-out and proper implementation of the link between Floriday and your software package.
  • Are you still gathering information?
    Take steps now to select a software package or get information from the Floriday support team by calling +31 (0)174-352070 or

More information

In the coming period, we will inform you about the follow-up steps of the new approach and the availability of the interactive roadmap. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact your Account Manager or the Customer Contact Center at +31 (0)88-789 89 89 or