New: Placing future supply online and much more!

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Gepost op  29 December 2020 door Daniëlle van der Peet

Floriday is continuing to develop in order to support growers and buyers in the best possible way in the sale and handling of their flowers and plants. In this news item, we highlight a number of new options:

  • placing future supply online
  • establishing a minimum order unit
  • new option: delivery orders are brought to the buyer
  • lock Presales available for Veiling Rhein-Maas

Placing future supply online

Buyers would like to have the opportunity to view future supply and possibly order in advance, which means they would also like to see growers enter their prices beforehand. This can easily be done in Floriday through the 'Forward prices' function. Thanks to forward prices you can plan your supply in the list prices a year in advance. Buyers can also pre-order from this supply through Floriday. For the time being, this possibility only applies to plant grower list prices.

Make use of the festive season to put your future supply for 2021 online! More information and explanations can be found in our Help center


Minimum purchase unit

In daily trade, a certain price is regularly agreed for a minimum purchase unit. It is now possible to establish a minimum purchase unit per supply line. For daily trading, you determine the minimum purchase unit through the price group and for special offers you can set this up per line. This feature is especially useful for pot plant growers working with list prices.

New option: delivery orders brought to the buyer


In certain cases, buyers would like delivery orders to be brought directly to the buyer instead of to the auction locations. As a grower, it is now possible to set up this in customer-specific delivery conditions so that delivery orders can be sent directly to the buyer's location, which means the buyer is not tied to the specified locations. As a grower, you can choose 'Delivery orders to the buyer' in the customer-specific delivery conditions. The buyer can add the desired location(s) in Floriday. 

Prices including stickers

When establishing price groups, it is also possible to charge a surcharge if stickers are required for the product. If you want to use this option for your products as a grower, it is important that you set it up in the price groups. After all, buyers would rather be informed about it in advance instead of afterwards!


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