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Sending requests for quotes via Floriday further improved

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Gepost op 02-09-2022
door Laura Nowee


Together with buyers, the option to send requests has been further improved. Among other things, it is now possible to enter the number of units per trade item, make the request for quote continuous and change it again at a later date. In this article, we will explain more about the widespead options.

How does it work?

While putting together your assortment or ordering buy offer in Florday through the Explorer, it can be worthwhile to submit a request for quotes via a grower. In this way, you can find out whether the trade item is available for a set period, in the desired quantity, and at the desired price. In addition to putting together the assortment, you can also use it to examine whether certain trade items are available to order if the order period has not yet entered into force.

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The grower receives this request and can potentially reject a specific row. If required, the grower can fill in the remaining details and offer the request for quote using a request for quote response. The buyer can then purchase on this basis or change the request for quote again. The grower also has the option of rejecting the entire request for quote.

What has recently been improved?

  • When creating a new request for quote, it is now possible to fill in the desired units per item.
  • You can now select all available configurations. This means you can still make the choice from the available configurations later in the order process.
  • Once the grower has sent a request for quote response, the buyer can 'lock' a row from the response. This means the grower is no longer able to make changes to the row on offer.
  • Provided that the response time is not exceeded, you can remove trade items from the request or add new ones.
  • It is now also possible to submit a standing request for quotes to allow you to continue making changes. This can be done by leaving the response time empty.
  • Have you started a request for quotes, but you or a colleague are planning to finish it at a later stage? If so, you can now easily save the request for quotes as a draft.
  • Would you like to make a similar request for quotes? Copy the existing request for quote and amend as required.
  • In the overview of requests for quotes, you can easily see how many trade items are offered and how many may be changed.
  • And finally, the request responses are now shown as an overview in a separate display

Let's get started!

Would you also like to get started with making a request for quotes or a request reponse? Go to Floriday (buyer - grower) or view the helpcenter (buyer - grower) for more information.

This article refers to functions available in the Floriday screens. Do you work through an API link with Floriday? Consult the software supplier overview for growers or buyers as to which functions are supported by your software.



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