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New! Counting stock within catalog prices

3 minutes
Gepost op 17-06-2021
door Laura Nowee

From now on it's possible to work with countdown stock within 'catalog prices' in the Floriday screens. This new functionality allows you to have the numbers of available trade items count down when a buyer orders the trade item. This way you can never order more than is available. You can also have multiple trade items from the same stock counted down, which makes it easier to manage your stock through Floriday.

For now, this feature is only available if you work in Floriday's screens. In the future, the countdown to the week will also be available in the API links with software packages.

Set countdown stock

You can set up a countdown stock for one trade item or you can set up a countdown stock for multiple trade items. The moment a buyer orders trade items through the FloraXchange weekly lists, the Floriday API link or your Floriday store, the number of trade items ordered is counted off the stock. When the stock reaches '0', the product can no longer be ordered and the trade item is automatically no longer visible to the buyer. By working with countdowns of weekly supply instead of fixed numbers, the grower will not have to monitor availability as intensively in the future. When there is no more stock, the trade item is automatically out of stock.


My experience with the countdown stock at Floriday has been very positive. Because the number counts down, it is clear to a customer ordering afterwards what is still available.

Beppie Oppers, Handelskwekerij v.d. Velden


Handelskwekerij v.d. Velden participated in the weekly supply countdown offer pilot. When developing new functionalities, we find it important that the user is able to look around and gain experience in the first stage. Recently we have received feedback from the participating growers and several adjustments have been made to the new functionality.

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