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The Floriday Explorer in numbers

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Gepost op 08-09-2022
door Laura Nowee

The Floriday Explorer went live just over two weeks ago, and more and more buyers are using it to easily search and order on current supply. Time to put some figures together!


Order on 5 million supply lines

Global supply is placed and ordered on a daily basis via Floriday. 57 countries are now actively buying and selling on the digital platform. In total, 4,344 growers provide 5 million supply lines. Thanks to the convenient filtering options, buyers can easily find the trade items and supply they are looking for.

Buy directly and faster on current supply

Many buyers are used to being able to buy from current supply through FloraMondo and/or FloraXchange. There is now 10x more supply on Floriday than on FloraXchange and FMO. Searching is also much faster. The Floriday Explorer is 4x faster than FloraXchange.

Increasing demand due to growing use of buyers

In addition to the supply, the demand for supply is increasing daily due to the increasing use of buyers. On average 5 buyers start their search on the Explorer every day. At present, there are 200 buyers and 70 orders are placed daily.

What can you do with the Floriday Explorer?

  • Are you a buyer? Start using the Explorer too! Do you want an explanation for you and your colleagues? We also organise a buyer's workshop at your premises. Mail us at:
    On Thursday, 15 September, you can also attend an online webinar about the Explorer. Sign up.
  • Are you a grower? Every day your supply in Floriday is found by buyers. Make sure this supply is up to date and in order so that you can benefit from it immediately!

Would you like to know more?

See our website for more information on the Explorer. Or see the step-by-step explanation pages on our Helpcenter.


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