The roll-out of the API link between SDF and Floriday explained - Watch the video!

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Gepost op  23 December 2020 door Diede Barendse


In 2020, the entire market has been preparing to work 100% Digital. An important and essential part of this are the software suppliers that are making sure that growers and buyers can continue to operate using their own software package, and to realise the link with Floriday. In this, SDF, together with a number of growers Bestplant, Statice Specialist, Marjoland and Gerbera United, discuss digitisation, the roll-out of the API link and how SDF is used in the nursery.  

Careful implementation of the API link

The software package SDF Profice from Codema Systems Group is used by a large number of plant and flower growers.  They went through the transition to 100% Digital very carefully. They started to work on linking all Floriday modules to the software package of SDF. The API link is implemented by consultants, who help growers through this change.  

“Digital business has a large effect”

Pieter Zwinkels, regional manager with SDF, sees the importance of digitisation. “Royal FloraHolland and Floriday are taking that step in the direction of digitisation. This means something for the approach of growers and we are trying to respond to this as well as we can with our software, to ensure that the change remains as minimal as possible for growers, while the effect on digital business is as large as possible. Due to the leniency period, we can work more qualitatively, and remove the obstacles that are still there for various growers, even before the final deadline approaches.”

“Real contact through digitisation”

Roy van den Ouweland from Marjoland adds to what Pieter has said: “Digitisation is very important to us because on one side, it allows us to do the same amount of work with less people, and on the other side it reduces errors. It is often said that you loose all personal contact when everything happens digitally. I have noticed instead that if everything happens digitally, you have more time to actually engage in a conversation.” 

Temporary leniency period

The coming months, growers and buyers can make use of a temporary leniency period. This temporary leniency scheme is aimed at growers, buyers and agents still waiting for the link with their software package, or at parties that are already working 100% Digital, but the other party isn’t yet. 

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