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First Floriday Wishes Week of 2023

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Gepost op 12-01-2023
door Laura Nowee

Last week, another Wishes week was organised by Floriday. Many of the wishes that can be found on the interactive roadmap fit with the larger developments we are doing. The Roadmap is constantly being looked at and wishes that come in on it are linked to larger themes that will be included in the development planning. Yet there also remain (smaller) wishes that do not fit under a theme, but for which we want to make time available. This is why the Wishes week was introduced. A total of 33 wishes from growers and buyers became available in Floriday. In this article, we highlight some of them. In the Helpcenter, you will find a detailed explanation of all the new developments (growers - buyers).

More interaction through Floriday

It has been possible for growers and buyers to post messages on the timeline for a long time now. A number of developments are planned for 2023 to improve the interaction through Floriday. In this Wishes week, the first improvements have already been made:

  • Make as a grower the timeline post extra eye-catching by adding a photo;
  • A timeline message will be posted once a week with the products that are available again;
  • Now simply click on the organisation's name for more company information.

Even easier search and discovery via Explorer

Last year, the Explorer was renewed, allowing buyers to search and order more easily on current supply. New developments have also become available in Wishes week to quickly arrive at the right assortment:

  • Now you can also filter on the items you have not yet selected as favourites;
  • You can now instantly see the total range of products when you filter by favourite and grower;
  • For growers, it is now also possible to share a link to the Explorer. This way, you can easily share the supply with buyers.

Easily share a special offer

The ability to create offers is already widely used and has been further improved over time. The Wishes week also saw a number of changes:

  • For both growers and buyers, it is now easier to search for the right offer;
  • You can now choose for an offer to be created by default based on availability;
  • From now on, buyers will also see in advance the offers that cannot yet be ordered.

Countdown to the next Wishes week

In 2023, we will organise a quarterly Wishes week. To select these wishes, we look at the number of thumbs up given on the wishes. Do you have any other wishes? Put them on the roadmap and/or make sure they receive enough votes. Tip: Share the link to the wish on the roadmap to get extra votes!

The countdown to the next Wishes week has started...

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