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With good preparation, you can get started in Floriday easily and quickly

4 minutes
Gepost op 25-01-2023
door Joyce van Galen

We drive onto the property of Daan vd Salm, ilex grower, just 20 years old. The season is coming to an end, and he has had a busy period. Daan is one of Royal FloraHolland's youngest growers and "just got started with Floriday". A good reason for us to pay him a visit and ask him about how he started, what his experience is so far and what drove him to start in the floriculture sector.

From an early age, Daan was busy growing cuttings with his childhood friend. He could be found outdoors more than indoors and still feels most comfortable there. He found out at an early age that school desks were not for him and that he wanted to be busy with his hands. His father was a boxwood grower, the land became vacant and Daan saw this as an opportunity. The diversity within entrepreneurship is what attracts him most.

He tends the 4 hectares he has today with his father. This is a year-round process, with the last months of the year being the period when the Ilexes are sold. The product mainly goes to the Dutch, Belgian and German markets. A small proportion (20%) goes to the Chinese market.

"You have to start on time and just get on with it"

He markets his products mainly through auction clocks. From the beginning, he immediately started doing this with the clock function in Floriday. Daan: "I find it important that my high-quality products are shown there first and that I 'grow a good name' with this. The ambition to start doing direct trading through Floriday is also there. When asked about his experience when beginning with Floriday, he is clear: "You have to start something new in good time so that you really have time to make it your 'own'. And in the end, you just have to go and do it". Whereas he used to check his letters a bit more often to make sure everything was correct, he now sends them easily and quickly. He also had a CheckUp with implementation specialist Diede, who helped him work through Floriday.

"Provide uniformity and speed up the process"

Daan has a strong ambition to continue growing his business. "We acquired a sorting machine this year that allows me to provide uniformity and speed up the process." In doing so, he has a continuous focus on improvement. "I want to offer a high-quality product, build a good name in the market and expand it further." For the expansion aspect, testing new Ilex species is planned, so that in the coming years he can experience, in addition to the well-known species, which alternative species meet his quality requirements and are in demand in the market.

Direct trade as well

In 2023, Daan plans to start using direct trading opportunities within Floriday. "I like the clock function; so I also want to explore the other options. Especially as production increases. In fact, in Floriday you can specify the minimum purchase, a sales strategy that is important to me. I also like the fact that your data and sales figures are easy to find in Floriday. It allows you to know instantly how your trading is doing."

Digitisation in horticulture

As a young grower, digitisation comes naturally to Daan. "I wouldn't know how else to do it. With proper preparation for your season, you can easily and moreover quickly get started via Floriday. And if you can't figure it out, you can call support, or look for the information in Floriday's Helpcenter."