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Working with volume discounts is possible in Floriday

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Gepost op 04-08-2022
door Marcel van der Ende

In Floriday, it's now possible to work with volume discounts. Next to passing on transport costs, you can now also give volume discounts by way of an offer. Both growers and buyers can choose whether to use it. With that, we offer a solution for a much-heard wish, and provide Floriday users with more trade opportunities.

On the Floriday roadmap, the wish to apply volume discounts scored many votes. Volume discounts are used to pass on transport costs concerning a single order, and also to offer a discount on a greater volume.

Passing on transport costs

Growers can now pass on transport costs for a delivery, both on the Floriday webpage and via the API link. As a buyer, you can now order several times, without having to pay transport costs for each order. These are distributed over all the orders placed in one delivery.

Volume discount on an offer

You can now add a volume discount on the Floriday webpage when generating an offer. This means you can use a different unit price per purchase quantity (package, tray, load carrier). We call this a 'volume price'. The price varies, depending on the order size. Buyers can view the various prices per purchase quantity by way of 'Direct purchasing' (My Shop), or Explorer.

As grower, want to know how to add a volume price to an offer? Learn more in our Help Centre

More information or questions?

Want to know how to set both types, or perhaps have other queries about working with volume discounts in Floriday? Our support team is always happy to help on 0174-352070 or at


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