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What product information will make your products more easily found?

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Gepost op 16-02-2023
door Danielle van der Peet

More and more growers equip their products with all possible product information in Floriday, making them easier to find for buyers. Are you already actively working on that?

In this article, you will find 3 key components for complete product information: correct product properties, transport height, correct VBN and country codes. These tips make your products easier to find and this helps buyers to make the correct choice for their purchase.

1 - The correct product specifications

The number of stems per bunch, the maturity stage, the pot size or which quality group your supply falls into? The more details of your product are known, the easier it is for buyers to find your product. So make sure all your items have as many properties filled in as possible.

Extra tip: In Floriday, you can add extra properties in the catalogue. Then your product information will be more complete, and you will be even easier to find.

2 - Always fill in the transport height!

The transport height is very important for the logistics process. This information helps the buyer or logistics service provider to make proper preparations for cart assembly, for example. If the correct transport height has been stated, products can be delivered to the buyer and end customer more efficiently and damage-free.

Extra tip: Make sure the transport height is at least 5 cm higher than the height of your product including packaging (container/pot/tray).

3 - Completed country codes

The presence of country codes (country of origin) is also essential information for exports. In the UK, for example, a country code is mandatory. Buyers search and select on supply where this is filled in. If this is not filled in, buyers will not find your supply either.

Having your supply digitally in order helps!

To sell successfully through Floriday as a grower, it is important to have your supply in order. When putting your offer online, think about current and representative images, complete product information and correct availability. Read more at the website.

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