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4 useful functions to make working with Floriday easier for buyers

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Gepost op 17-05-2021
door Laura Nowee

When operating as a buyer in the Floriday screens, there are a number of practical functions that make working in Floriday easier for you. Find out more in this update. 

1: Setting up notifications

In Floriday, it is possible to set up notifications, and you can use these for standing orders, contract proposals, purchase tips, corrections and requests for quotes. Depending on the areas for which you are responsible, you can set up the various notifications per person. You can receive the notification in the platform itself, by e-mail, or as a push notification on your computer or (Android) phone. That way, you are always quickly informed if there is anything new.
Read more about Notifications in our Help Center

2: Making profile information public

When setting up your account, you can select to make your profile information public. This will display your name, photo and contact details on the company page for growers to see. For example, the grower can assign a purchase tip specifically to a contact person within your organisation, the contract shows who has created and accepted the contract, and the sales order shows who has placed the order. This makes contact with the grower even easier.
Make your profile information public immediately

3: Favourites

In Floriday, you can add trade items as favourites, which can be recognised by the star icon. By marking trade items as favourites, you can filter on these selected trade items when making a direct purchase or viewing the catalogue. This way, you can immediately see any trade items that you are interested in. You can mark a trade item as a favourite when direct purchasing or when searching the catalogue. In some cases, the grower already knows which trade items you are interested in. You should then authorise the grower to select trade items as favourites.

4: Grower-specific settings

There are a number of details and settings that you can set per grower. For example, it is possible to set an auction code or plate number. In addition, you can choose to have matched purchase orders from certain growers automatically forwarded as sales orders. Finally, you have the option of excluding a specific grower from receiving an EKT message. That way, you can easily set the preferences per grower in Floriday.
Enter customer specific settings

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