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5 tips for purchasing directly from supply in Floriday

3 minutes
Gepost op 29-04-2021
door Laura Nowee

Buyers who order directly from the supply of flowers and plants that growers have in Floriday make use of the direct purchasing functionality. In this article, we will give you a number of tips to make purchasing in Floriday as easy as possible.


Tip 1: Make a connection with all growers from which you’d like to purchase directly

In Floriday you can follow growers via My Network. After making a connection, the grower will assign you a price group. You will then see the available prices and you can order from the supply that the grower has online. By making this connection with a grower in advance, you can purchase quickly at the desired time.  

Tip 2: Ensure the correct view and product information of the order

When visiting grower's store, there are a number of handy features to set the view and get the right product information. For example, you can use the following filter options: location, supply type, products and various product characteristics.  

Another handy way to quickly order the right products is to choose products in advance using a star. You can select the trade items marked with a star yourself or you can authorise the grower to select these trade items. By filtering on the star, you will immediately see all selected trade items. This allows you to get started quickly and avoid having to scroll through the full list of trade items.  

Think you’ve found the right trade item, but would you still like some more information to make sure it meets the right specifications? Then click on the photo of the flower or plant for more product information.  

Tip 3: Place an order now for future delivery

You can order for the earliest possible time of delivery, but you can also place an order for future delivery. Before any trade items have been added to the shopping cart, click on time. You can then select the desired time of delivery and immediately see how many supply lines are available for that time. This way you can order desired products well in advance.

Tip 4: Select additional services, such as sleeves or stickers

Once the grower has set up additional services for a trade item, you can add them to the shopping cart. Additional services can be sleeves, stickers or treatments. By adding these additional services to the order, you can immediately see what they cost. In this way, it is always immediately clear what is being ordered at what price

Tip 5: Easily submit a correction request

Once the order has been placed, it will be listed under purchase orders. Of course, it can sometimes happen that an order is not correct and needs to be corrected. A correction request may be used to correct a transaction. Both buyers and growers can submit a correction request. The other party has until 17:00 the next working day to respond. You do not therefore have to place an entirely new order. This in turn saves time.