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9 May: New update for Floriday API link

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Gepost op 03-05-2022
door Danielle van der Peet

Growers, buyers and agents who are linked via Floriday's API link can expect a new update of the API link as of 9 May. This update must be installed before the end of October as the current version will no longer work after that. In this news item you can read which new functionalities are offered via the link.

Summer Release 2022.1 - Main version

We launch a new stable update of the API link - the Main version - twice a year. The new Main version has been live since 9 May. Below is an overview of the most important new or improved features that have become available to growers and buyers.

For growers and agents, among others:

  • Insight into the financial status of orders placed to guarantee payment at Royal FloraHolland
  • Week-supply countdown
  • Processing trade item, load, supply and order requests
  • Processing of correction requests 

View all the features for growers and agents included in this update here.

For buyers, among others:

  • Delivery announcements (ASN) for the logistical arrival notification of direct deliveries
  • The ability to retrieve auction and Auction Presales orders
  • The placing of order requests
  • The processing of correction requests 

View all the features for buyers included in this update here.

Which functionalities are available to you?

If you are you curious as to which renewed/improved functionalities your software supplier currently supports or will support, we have listed them for each supplier:

Switch by the end of October

It is essential that you have this new version by the end of October at the latestbecause the current version will stop working on 1 November.

More information: