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Updated Auction function goes live! From now on, you will be able to create an auction letter with great ease

2 minutes
Gepost op 05-10-2021
door Joyce van Galen

In the past few months, we have been working together with the growers to develop the updated clock function. This improvement will ensure that the Auction function is more user-friendly. With the new functions, you can easily and efficiently create and send an auction letter in Floriday. The updated Auction function is now available to all users operating in Floriday screens.

You can use the following Auction function components in the updated Auction function:

  • Create a delivery form in one screen;
  • Work faster thanks to fewer clicks;
  • Immediately fill in the Auction Presales price
  • Both delivery and form are easy to correct immediately
  • You can save a template of your auction letter
  • Print more notes at once
  • Working in Auction mode; only the Auction functions appear in your screen.

Developed along with users

As part of our new approach, we've been developing functions in Floriday together with users, such as the updated Auction function. All requests on this subject that were entered on the roadmap have been itemised, and, based on the needs of Auction users, we've come up with an initial development for this, which has subsequently been tested in so-called 'ideation sessions' with various growers. Using feedback from these sessions, the development team has started developing a test version, which is being made available to Auction growers with 'Early-access' status. These are growers who, at an early stage, test the newest functions in Floriday in order to improve the platform. Once the feedback from these testers has been processed and they're satisfied, the Auction function will be put live for all users. And that moment has arrived. Start using the updated Auction function in Floriday today!

Would you also like to get started with the new Auction function?

Take a look at our screencast video about the new Auction function. In this, Floriday experts will take you step by step through all the components of the updated Auction function.

We’re happy to help you!

In order to properly help you use this new function, our support team is available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Call +31 (0)174-352070 or use the chat function in Floriday to ask any questions you may have now.
For more information, please visit this link.