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Borst Bloembollen and Waterdrinker work with one stock in Floriday. Watch the video!

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Gepost op 26-02-2021
door Diede Barendse

Tulip nursery and forcing centre Borst Bloembollen started using Floriday for the first time at the end of 2019. It currently works entirely through Floriday for all of its auction clock and direct trade. One of its customers is Waterdrinker Flowers, which has been fully focused on digitisation and automation from the very start. Its webshop is linked to Floriday. Borst Bloembollen and Waterdrinker Flowers discuss their collaboration through Floriday in a video.


Borst Bloembollen "The most important thing for us is that we have one stock"

Menno Boots, sales manager at Borst Bloembollen: “In October 2019 we switched to Floriday for direct sales and auction clock sales. For us, the most important thing is to have one stock, which we can put towards auction, direct trade, and retail orders. Waterdrinker Flowers can have a look inside our cold store, as it were. Our stock is immediately updated when they receive an order. This is where the exporter benefits; this way they have no stock risk, since stock is still with the grower," explains Menno of Borst Bloembollen. 

"We did encounter a few challenges at the start. For example, supply not coming through properly, but together with Floriday we were always able to find a solution right away. We never lost faith in it and moved forward together. The greatest benefit is that it saves us time at the busiest moments. It helps us save about 3 to 4 hours a day. Every day. 

Waterdrinker Flowers: "100% Digital makes life a little easier for us"

Joost ter Laare, founder of Waterdrinker Flowers, started this division within Waterdrinker four years ago. This division digitised and automated everything from the very start. The customers of Waterdrinker Flowers purchase from its webshop based on the supply retrieved from Floriday. The order arrives in real time at the grower and from that moment the grower commences same-day delivery. "100% Digital and Floriday make life a little easier for us. We realise that our customers want a wide range and are very much looking forward to connecting with more and more growers with Floriday,” says Joost. 

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