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Delivery conditions in Floriday: arranging this as efficiently as possible

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Gepost op 23-03-2021
door Diede Barendse

Setting your delivery conditions is important for publishing your supply through Floriday to your store in Floriday, FloraXchange, FloraMondo or the link with buyers. Buyers obviously want to know when products they’ve ordered from you will be delivered. These are set once in the Floriday screens; even if you’re working through your own software package. This notice provide you with a number of tips for doing so as efficiently as possible. 

Arranging regular and customer-specific delivery conditions. 

You can create delivery conditions in the section Supply > Direct sales It is important to create and arrange these properly, so that buyers know where they stand. When creating delivery conditions, you can make these either regular or customer specific. If you have certain arrangements with customers whereby you apply shorter delivery times, create a customer-specific deliver condition which can then be linked to this customer.  

Indicate when you work with multiple delivery locations

If you work with multiple delivery locations and don’t apply the same delivery times for all of these, that’s not a problem. You can create a ‘set of delivery conditions’, and then set different delivery times for each delivery location. If you work with different delivery locations for which the same delivery times do in fact apply, you can check off these destinations when creating a delivery, and cluster these. This saves you time!
Can't you find warehouses in Floriday? Our data is based on Floricode. Please contact Floricode.  

Determine the minimum delivery quantity and transport costs

When creating the delivery conditions, it is important to determine the transport costs when an order is delivered. These costs might include either the actual transport costs and/or other fulfilment costs. The advantage of this method is that these costs are calculated over the entire order and not over individual deals.

You can also indicate the minimum delivery quantity in Floriday. If you want buyers to order at least three packagings, or to purchase one load carrier (trolley), you can arrange this in the ‘delivery conditions’ section. The buyer will then see the minimum quantity that has to be bought when purchasing. 

Please note: This way of calculating transport costs currently only works if the buyer purchases through Floriday or using the API link, and not yet when ordering through FloraXchange or FloraMondo. 

Most common delivery days – enlist help from Floriday

With the delivery conditions, you get started with ‘order days’. Floriday helps you with this. We indicate when growers deliver most frequently in the section ‘most common delivery days’. Here you’re also given the option to set this and to arrange this yourself. In the follow-up screen you can enter exactly when the customer has to order, then you can indicate when you’re able to complete the order and when the buyer can expect the delivery at their location. Once you’ve saved the delivery times, this is also displayed in FloraMondo, FloraXchange and in the Floriday store.