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Discover the 5 Floriday tips for plant growers

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Gepost op 03-05-2021
door Diede Barendse

It’s a busy period for plant and bedding plant growers. In this article, we give you some tips on how to make the best use of Floriday. These tips apply if you use the screens in Floriday. Discover the tips now!

Tip 1: Countdown Stock

In ‘catalog prices’, you can fill in your supply for the coming week every Thursday before 10:00 am. This ensures that your supply for the following week is always clear and that buyers can order from it. It is particularly difficult to keep track of your supply in Floriday in the middle of a season with high demand. ‘Countdown Stock’ is a solution for this. Here, you indicate on Thursday how many units of a certain trade item you have available, which then counts down when an item is sold. When the stock is exhausted, the item is automatically set to ‘unavailable’. This way, we prevent your buyers from ordering from supply that you can no longer deliver. Rather handy, right?
Would you like to use it yourself, and test it out during the pilot? Sign up for the Countdown Stock pilot at We will contact you!
Read more about Countdown Stock in the Help center

Tip 2: Availability filter

Do you still have limited stock of a number of trade items? But would you rather not make it available to everyone? Use the ‘availability filter’. This ensures that only a select group of buyers can see and order items from this supply.
How does it work? You can find the availability filter by clicking the box in front of the trade item. A green bar will appear. Click on ‘quick setup’ and then on ‘availability filters’. Good luck!
Read more about the Availability filter in the Help center.

Tip 3: Order unit

During busy periods, it’s preferable if buyers order full trolleys or at least full layers. Trolleys made up of all kinds of different trade items simply take a lot more time to load. You can easily set an ‘order unit’ for this. For example, you can specify that buyers of one trade item must order at least one full layer, so that you never have to put more than 3 or 4 different trade items on a trolley. Order units differ slightly from the minimum delivery quantity in Floriday.
How does it work? You set an order unit in your 'price groups'. You can find this in step 2 ‘delivery, services and purchase quantity’

Tip 4: Special offer

Do you also have a number of exclusive varieties and would you like to offer this to a number of buyers? Make use of the special offer! This allows you to display new trade items, which you don't yet wish to offer to everyone, to a number of buyers.
How does it work? The special offer allows you to offer one or more trade items to a group of buyers. They immediately see this special offer in the store and can order from it.
Read more about the special offer in the Help center

Tip 5: Transport costs

It has also recently became possible to work with dynamic transport costs in Floriday. You indicate the price per delivery and this price changes if the buyer orders more. It is even possible to waive this fee at a certain order size.


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