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Expansion of the Floriday contract module: you can now also call on variants

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Gepost op 26-05-2021
door Danielle van der Peet

Together with growers, the contract module in Floriday was improved. It is now possible to call on variants that were not included in a contract. This was a much desired situation for a certain group of growers, arising from workshops with the various groups of growers. Calling on variants is now available and can be set up when creating a new contract.

In Floriday, as a grower or a buyer, you already had the option to submit long term agreements in writing with the “contracts” functionality. The grower or buyer creates a contract which can be called on by both parties. Growers with a supply that includes many variants, experienced issues in recording all of these variants in the contract. For example, one red tulip can be delivered in ten different lengths, with their accompanying weights and in various stages of maturity. If a grower has to add all of these variants to the contract, there could be dozens of rules that have to be created for just one product. “This group of growers needs more flexibility in contracts,” says Laura van der List, Floriday expert.

Alternatives with the same terms and conditions

Furthermore, Laura adds: “We discussed what should be changed in a workshop with growers*. Example screens of the improvements were shown and growers could contribute ideas and indicate how this would work for them in practice. The majority was positive about the suggested changes. We have now made these changes technically possible. You can now add a product with one set of characteristics to the contract, whereby you can also indicate that calls may be made on a variant of this. This allows the grower to offer an alternative with the same terms and conditions. This offers both growers and buyers more ease of use and speed in their daily trade.”
In addition, it is also possible to name a group of alternatives in a contract. This allows, for example, to switch a specific colour for an alternative product. Take, for example, a buyer who has red tulips in the contract. The grower could, if the specific variant is not available at the desired moment, decide to switch the ‘Ferrari’ variety for the ‘Ile de France’ one.

New approach Floriday

At the end of March, the new approach to Floriday was announced. Dozens of sessions with agents, growers, buyers and software suppliers have been held to find out how we can improve Floriday. There were also discussion on the desired functionality for growers, buyers and software suppliers. This feedback is the basis for Floriday's new approach, which focuses on better and more intensive cooperation, broader trading possibilities, simple working and increasing predictability.
Want to know more about the requirements that were requested? View the roadmap at or provide us with your own requirements.

Curious to know the possibilities?

You can find extensive explanations on the pages in our Help Center:

* The following growers provided input on the improvement of the contract functionality: Fa. Gebr. Van Oers, VOF J. van der Baan en Zn, Van Nobelen VOF, Jack Heeringa, Mts vd Meer-Weststeijn, Mts van Vlisteren, Knottnerus Niewolda, Springflora NL BV, E. de Wit & Zn BV, VOF Pauzenga, H&M Flowers, Kwekerij Kuiper, Bivb-Bloemenbemiddeling