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Floriday launches quote pilot for customers

3 minutes
Gepost op 20-10-2021
door Laura Nowee

Floriday is constantly developing new functions to provide users with more and more possibilities. In Floriday, for instance, it is now possible for buyers to create quotes for customers. Many buyers are already familiar with this function from FloraXchange. In this update, we give you some more information about the pilot.

Quote for customers

In Floriday, it is now possible for buyers to create quotes for customers by selecting supply lines from the grower's catalog or shop, or by adding a special offer to a quote. In just a few clicks, you can download the quote in Excel and forward it to the customer.

Ideation sessions

In response to a number of requests on the roadmap from various buyers, we have come up with a few sketches for a quote function in Floriday. These sketches show how to select the desired trade items in Floriday, and then download an Excel file that can be forwarded to your customers.

Over the course of a number of sessions, we asked buyers to give us their opinion on these sketches and explain in detail how they plan to use the function. The quote function is mainly used by buyers to send special offers to customers outside the webshop. By downloading an Excel file, a buyer can still make the necessary adjustments or change the file to their own house style. This file can then be forwarded to the customer. In terms of purchasing, the quote function offers a quick way of doing things so that you can provide sales with the right information. This function can also be used for long-term quotes.

From a request to a function in Floriday

Growers or buyers who wish to see a particular function or component in Floriday should indicate this on the roadmap in Floriday. Every user can vote on the submitted requests, with the total number of votes determining, for instance, the prioritisation of the platform's development. Besides these votes, Floriday's development calendar is also determined by, among other things, technical improvements, system maintenance and functions that ensure further innovation of the platform.

When the function is ready in Floriday's screens, we ask a small group of users, so-called 'early-access users', to test it out in practice and, with their feedback, we make the final improvements. Eventually, the function goes live for all users in the screens, with the majority of functions becoming available in the API link with the software packages. In this way, we are in a position to develop and improve the platform on a continuous basis thanks to the users.

Would you also like to provide us with your input?

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