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Floriday presents an interactive road map

5 minutes
Gepost op 18-03-2021
door Danielle van der Peet

Since mid-February, as advised by the Members' Council, we have started sessions in which Royal FloraHolland explores the possibilities for the follow-up approach for Floriday together with market parties. The aim of these sessions is to determine which functionalities are still necessary for users to work with Floriday and what we can improve. There is a widely recognised need to make the wishes of growers, buyers, software suppliers and agents visible. Floriday will therefore soon publish an interactive road map with all development points and ideas. 

Floriday users would like to see their contributions and ideas for the platform taken into account. They would also like to be able to indicate their preferences and follow what happens to these. The interactive road map will provide insight into what the schedule is, what has already been produced, what is currently in development and what is being considered. The input from the market sessions will form the basis of this road map. The development points that already have been provided by the market will also be included in this. 

Providing direction to Floriday development

Floriday will use the road map and the votes to prioritize and give direction to improvements and the development of new functionality. In addition, Floriday users will have the option to add their own ideas and indicate which parts should be prioritized according to them. For this reason, a voting option will be added to the road map. This way, users can indicate which ideas by others they find important or less important. The road map will be available within a few weeks in the Floriday account.   

Working together in the digitisation of the industry 

Recently, there have been many different reports in the news. In addition to the many critical voices about Floriday, these sessions also show that there is support for digitisation and the platform. This interactive road map is simply the next step in developing Floriday together. It offers more insight and predictability about the developments to come.  

Follow-up approach

Based on these sessions, we will define an approach in which users and software suppliers are given sufficient time to implement Floriday successfully. At the end of March, we will inform the market further about the step-by-step plan that the Members' Council of Royal FloraHolland has called for. This road map is an important part of the follow-up approach.