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Get the year off to a great start with a Checkup

3 minutes
Gepost op 18-01-2022
door Danielle van der Peet

We’re at the beginning of 2022, so it’s the perfect time for all you growers and buyers to check whether you’re getting the most out of Floriday. The CheckUp is a kind of MOT that looks at your use of Floriday and at the convenient features you could use to work even more comfortably in Floriday.

“Users can let us know what they need during a CheckUp," says Diede Barendse, implementation consultant at Floriday.  "It doesn't matter how far along you are with Floriday. Some users are already very advanced, and a CheckUp can really help them put the finishing touches to it. But even if you've just got started, we can always drop by for a CheckUp and help you out with the platform". 

VDE Plant: "Checking whether we were ready for Floriday"

Sven Bakker, sales manager at VDE Plant: "For us, the CheckUp was mainly to find out whether we were really ready for Floriday. We do have the hang of it, but it's useful if someone can come by and run through the platform with you. We were certainly surprised that we weren't quite ready in terms of transport, although we thought we were. And that a button still had to be flicked here and there. So this was perfect. Thankfully, everything’s now in order and we’ve also received a few tips & tricks on how to approach customers better.”

Sven’s colleague, Gert Bauman, commercial order manager at VDE plant, also sees the usefulness of the CheckUp: "I would definitely recommend it to other growers so you know whether everything is in order and that customers are getting the right products."

The CheckUp at a glance

  • You get personal advice about the options you have in order to work more easily and efficiently.
  • You can indicate what concerns you the most, or what you need specifically.
  • You can receive advice in the manner that you prefer: custom advice in an online video call or - depending on your location - a visit from a Floriday expert at your location.
  • Depending on your wishes and needs, you’ll be completely up to date again after a CheckUp that lasts approximately 1 hour!

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