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Infinity Chrysanten: “Floriday has started genuinely listening to the market.”

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Gepost op 04-10-2021
door Diede Barendse

We recently spoke to Arné Kreling of Infinity Chrysanten about digitisation in the floriculture industry, the launch of Floriday and the current working method. Read more in the interview! 

Arné Kreling founded his own company Infinity Chrysanten, part of the Kreling Chrysanten group, in January last year. With a location of 5 hectares, Infinity Chrysanten in Bruchem produces about 15 million chrysanthemums per year. In addition, Arné is actively working on the digitisation of the entire Kreling Chrysanten group. He has taken the lead and, among other things, has taken charge of the Floriday project. 

“A desk covered with paper is a thing of the past”

Arné is fascinated by digitisation. “I am of the younger generation and grew up in the online world. A desk covered with paper is a thing of the past. One of the goals of digitisation is to avoid physical documents as much as possible. Another is to make processes easier and clearer. I started out with stock management, so I know exactly what I produce and what goes out. After this was set up, it was time for the next step and I started working on the Floriday project,” explains Arné.

The next step

With one salesperson in the office and the prospect of expansion, Arné needed to take some significant steps. “We started keeping track of the stock and its sales. In order to be able to continue working with our Florinet package, we began using the API link to Floriday. We started doing this right from the outset, also on account of the deadline. Our goal was to combine everything we need for our business operations in one system. We knew this would be impossible at Floriday, which we obviously understand. It is impossible to customise a platform with so many different types of growers and companies. The API link to Floriday from Florinet enabled us to achieve this and we are now very satisfied.” 

The process

“We found Floriday to be cumbersome at the start, which I believe is why we spent too much time on it. The aim of this new system was to make things easier and more convenient for growers and buyers. In the meantime, major steps have been taken at Floriday. Floriday opened its ears to the market and genuinely listens. The arrival of the roadmap created a platform with room for developments within Floriday, where requests can be made or confirmed and where you get insight into the schedule. This was a good move.”

Floriday functionalities

Florinet took on and implemented the various parts of the Floriday API link from the outset. This enabled Arné to get started quickly. Right from the start, he started setting up and filling his catalogue. “With an extensive assortment of chrysanthemums, this did take some time, but we were able to make use of the variant option. We then set up the delivery conditions and (customer-specific) price groups and expanded this further via the API link. Right now, for example, we are also increasingly using the special offers option when we have a little more stock margin and want to draw our customers' attention to a particular variety. Thanks to the offer function, we can easily and quickly communicate this to this group.”


In the future, Arné would like to do more with contracts in Floriday. “However, we don't want to give up our flexibility vis-à-vis our customers. Kreling Chrysanten is known for this - flexibility is one of our strengths. I first need to delve more into the options around contracts, but registering all our contracts digitally could be another step.” 

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