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Making supply available: start with a solid foundation

3 minutes
Gepost op 25-04-2022
door Karin Wangko

Have you placed (new) supply of flowers and plants in Floriday? Then you obviously want it to get the attention it deserves. In a two-part article, we explain how to do so yourself. In this first part, we focus on your profile, supply and connections in Floriday: have you set everything up optimally?

Your profile is your calling card

Make sure your profile and account are complete: the right name, contact details, job details and a profile picture. It is important to make your profile public. This will make it easier for buyers to find you and your products, make it easy for buyers to make contact and see exactly who they are doing business with. Moreover, buyers can then add your products to their weekly lists. If a buyer has also completed their profile correctly, you, in turn, can see who has placed an order or created a contract. All of which makes working together much easier!

Are all the trade items listed correctly?

Is your catalogue up to date and are your trade items visible to buyers? Check regularly whether the correct product photos are included, remove duplicate trade items, check the product codes and correctly set the packing configurations and availability per trade item. You can also link your trade items to a theme: buyers can easily search on this. With an up-to-date catalogue, you can be found more easily and make yourself more interesting!

Add your connections to a price group

It is important to build a network of connections. You can show these connections your weekly supply in Floriday. This way, when a buyer connects with you, they are indicating to you that they want to see your weekly supply and order accordingly. You can set it to notify you when you have a new connection. Important: subsequently add the new connection to a price group. This buyer will then be able to see your supply and the corresponding prices of the price group.
You can build your network by drawing the attention of potential buyers to your supply in Floriday. We will discuss this in detail in the second part of this article.

Add status messages to your timeline: network messages

You can post two types of status messages: network messages and recommendations. With a network message, you inform your network of updates and news. For example, a change of address or an adjusted delivery time set during a holiday. When buyers log into Floriday, they immediately see the timeline on the dashboard with the status updates from their network. Please check that your profile is public first, because only then will your updates be visible. You can also share recommendations: trade items you wish to draw extra attention to You can read more about this in the second part of ‘How to get your supply the attention it deserves’.
See how to create status messages here.