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New: You can find all questions and answers about Floriday in the Help center

2 minutes
Gepost op 21-01-2021
door Diede Barendse

Floriday is continuously under development with improvements to existing functionality or new possibilities. The number of options is increasing and this requires an explanation. It is important to us that every user can make the most out of the Floriday platform by being able to use the platform effectively for their business. In addition to the weekly workshops and our support team that is always ready to lend you a hand, we have now also expanded our Help center for growers, so you can turn to them for answers to all your questions! Read more in this update!

Composition and structure

Are you looking for specific information about My Shop or the Catalog, for example? You can easily find this category and it includes all the information you need to use this functionality effectively. We explain how everything works, step by step, what to click and what you can do with it. We have tried to set up the Helpcenter as user friendly as possible. The Help center is completely filled for growers and is available in Dutch, English and German. We are creating a similar kind of Help center for buyers; right now, we have started this process.

Where can you find the Help center?

Are you making use of Floriday? Then you can go to the Helpcenter directly from the platform.

  • You can write a search word into the chat in Floriday. As soon as you have done this, an overview of related trade items will be shown.
  • For various functionality, a question mark with a circle around it is displayed. If you click on this, you will be taken to the correct page of the Help center, this way you have all the right information immediately available to you.
  • In the platform itself, there is also the option to directly go to the Help center, by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right.
  • You can choose the Help center in the upper right of the website. After this, you will be send to the Help center, and you can use search words to find the right trade items.

Would you prefer a live explanation of the functionalities?

We organise weekly workshops for both growers and buyers. You can register here.