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Optimizing the sales process via Floriday

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Gepost op 24-09-2021
door Laura Nowee

Floriday provides various ways to offer supply to buyers. For example, the special offer feature in Floriday is the ideal way to quickly create special offers for buyers. This popular feature will soon be further improved. The rest of the process, namely direct purchasing for buyers and communications to their end customers will also be improved. Learn more about the development process of this feature in this news item.

Special Offer

In Floriday, growers can send an interesting special offers to one or more buyers for a number of desired products. Recently, this feature was expanded, and now a name, description and image can be added to the special offer. This makes it immediately clear to the buyer what the special offer concerns, and gives an idea of what’s on offer and the product. If you save the special offer in Floriday, a unique link is automatically generated that you can send to the buyer by email, WhatsApp or another channel, so the buyer can directly see the offer. You can personally draw the buyer's attention with this!

These changes are making digital trading much more personal. A record is immediately made of who created the special offer (as long as the profile data is set to public). Since you personally send the special offer digitally to the desired contact person via the unique link, it’s easy to ask questions and personal contact is stimulated.

Redesigned Shopping Environment

Buyers will enjoy an improved experience after receiving a special offer thanks to the redesigned shopping environment in Floriday. The grower's shop includes a unique landing page where all the necessary information can be found, including the personal offers that the grower has made for buyers. If a buyer clicks the special offer, a clear overview of the included trade items is shown. The trade items can therefore easily be added to the shopping cart, and the order placed.

Quotations for end customers

In addition to the supply sent via the special offer, supply lines can also be found in the grower's shop or in the catalog. All these supply lines can be used by buyers to offer supply to end customers in the form of a quotation. Floriday will soon offer the option to select the supply lines to draw up a quotation which can then be forwarded to the end customer. A button will be added at the top of the bar for quotations that keep track of the selected lines. By clicking it, you can finalise the quotation and download it as an Excel document. This allows the buyer to inform the end customer in good time.

Handle commercial processes in a single place

With Floriday, the commercial processes can all be handled in a single place. The changes mean the special offers can be sent to buyers in a professional manner, the offers can be ordered more easily by the buyer. and the buyer can easily present the supply lines available to the end customer.

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